Tarte Pallet Review – Cue The Confetti

Hello to all my beauty lovers out there ! I am so excited to bring you this review on my blog. I found this little palette by accident when I was on the Sephora website looking for something completely different and it caught my eye.  Let’s get into the details of this little beauty and why I like this palette so much. Oh, and just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. Tarte doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.


Yes, I’m a neutrals gal and these neutrals are just stunning. The pigmentation is amazing as I would expect any Tarte shadow to be. The darker metallic and luster shades look like they would be too dark but I was amazed when I first applied the metallic bronze color into my crease, it was the perfect amount of pigment. Not too dark not too light and you can most certainly build them up if you so choose. Let’s take a look at some swatches. Forgive me, I’m not the best swatcher (is that a word?) but I try.


As I’ve gotten older my preference has changed when it comes to makeup. For my look I believe less is more. I took a quick shot of what this palette looks like on my eye just to give you an idea of how it looks.


These shadows blend beautifully, they are highly pigmented without any patchiness .

I also like this palette because it’s smaller and only has five colors. I have had tons of palettes in the past. For years I was sucked down the beauty of hole of wanting to have all the newest palettes that came out and most of them had anywhere from eight to fifteen colors to choose from. Then one day I guess I finally got hold of myself and realized that for me I was just wasting money because I wasn’t using all the colors in these big palettes. I gravitated to the few I really liked and just never stepped out of my comfort zone with the rest. I believe makeup should be fun but it also should be easy. I no longer want to have to hunt through a big palette and decide what colors would look good together. I love the easiness of this palette and the price is only $19.00! Can’t beat that for a Tart Palette.

URGENT! This is a limited edition palette so if you’d like one I suggest you order it now before they’re gone. Tarte had a limited edition palette years ago that I was in love with and when I went back to order another one they were all gone and selling on E-Bay for $80.00 so I wouldn’t wait too long.

I hope you enjoyed my small review of the Tart Cue The Confetti Eyeshadow Palette.




2016 Make-Up Challenge!

Hey friends!

The other day I was, yet again, sorting through my makeup “collection”. I called it a collection because ridiculously enough, for me, I have acquired so much there’s no other word for it. As I was sorting through I threw away any pieces I knew I wouldn’t use or haven’t used an I kept only what I know I would use and really like.. As I was doing this I realized I was still left with a lot as far as eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and blushes. These are my three addictions when it comes to makeup. As I looked at all of it just staring back at me I thought to myself “this is ridiculous! You have to use all of this and not add to it”

So I came to a few realizations that I am going to stick to this year.

1. I have enough eye shadow palettes and blushes for ten women and two years.

2. I have a shopping problem which I’ve always known and thought I kicked it only to realize I didn’t I just replaced jewelry with makeup.

3. I’ve wasted  a lot of money over the last two years on makeup. Now if you’re a makeup artist then I can completely understand having a ton of it but for the average woman like myself, no one ‘needs’ all this.

4. Lastly and most importantly I realized that I thought by having a lot to choose from it would be freeing and fun. Instead I’m not free at all and it’s not fun. Why? Because there is TOO MUCH to choose from. That’s not free or fun. Every morning is a battle deciding what eye shadow I want to wear, what blush etc. The truth is when we have such an abundance of something we actually create more stress than less and more stress is the last thing I want. What I want is easy. I know what I like, what looks good on me and I want to sit down to my makeup in the morning without having to take ten minutes to decide what I should wear. 

In light of all this I decided to do a 2016 makeup challenge.

I chose some eye shadow palettes and a few blushes that I want to use and I put the rest away. When I am finished with these I will then pull out what I have left and I do NOT want to add to it. I don’t need anymore and I don’t have the money to waste.

So I thought I would share with you all the products I’ve chosen to use up. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 

⇔Eye Shadow Palettes⇔






For those who have not seen the Tatrtlette Tease Palette as it’s fairly new I’ve snapped a photo so you can see the colors. 





The rest of the photos are items I use all the time and will replace as I use them up.









As for lipsticks. I pretty much got rid of most of them and I left myself with four lipsticks and three lip glosses. I’ll do a separate post on those if you’d like to see what I chose. 

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TARTE Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Hi there beauties! I know its been a while since I had any reviews but life just gets busy some times. If you’d like to follow my personal blog to see what I’ve been up too I”ll link it at the end of this post.. I am back now and happy I am. I’m going to try and post a product review each day. If you read back in some of my old posts you’ll understand that the products I review probably aren’t the newest thing but that’s how I roll. I like to review products that I actually like, use, enjoy and may have a few thrown in I’m not so happy with. And sometimes there are others who haven’t seen a certain product before despite how long it may have been out in the market. So, with that said, let’s get onto todays review!


Sorry the photo is so blurry. Not sure what happened there!

I am 44 years old and unfortunately it seems my skin is aging faster than I’d like. Has to do with health issue’s and I’m sure environmental ones as well. Be that as it may, I have extremely dry, crapey skin under my eyes. I think I have tried every concealer under the sun and everything creased, was drying, looked cakey. One day I was in Ulta on a mission to find something, anything! that wouldn’t do any of the above on my very dry under eyes. I asked the very nice sales girl and she pointed me to the

Tarte Maraguja Creaseless Concealer. She even let me try it out. She kept telling me “it wouldn’t crease” in my head I’m thinking “yep, sure, just like all the others say they won’t but eh, I’ll humor her and try it”.. Jokes on me!.. It actually works! It does not crease under my eyes at all..

So let me list the pros and cons as I see them for you.

Pros : Full coverage, applies nicely, great packaging, a little goes a long, long, way, feels nice on the skin, hydrating.

Cons: A tad pricey at $24.00 US 0.28oz  (Ulta). This product claims to be long wearing. Not so much for me. It also claims to be full coverage which it is but because it has oil in it once you put it on don’t touch it or it will rub right off. It also claims to be waterproof but I honestly can not understand how that could even be remotely possible. I will say though, if you use a setting powder it does stay on for quite a long time. The problem I have and it’s my problem not a problem with the product is that putting any kind of powder under my eyes after applying concealer if sort of like taking a fish out of water, throwing it on a hot beach and watching it shrivel up. I will take a minute amount of powder (need to find a super finely milled powder, any suggestions?) to set it because this must be set with a powder and honestly even on my crinkly eyes it doesn’t look half bad.

Conclusion: Although pricey and I have issue’s with dryness regardless of the hydration of this product, I am sticking with it. I really do like the formula, I like the way it feels and it actually looks good on me.

So, any of you have any suggestions on a very finely milled setting powder? Remember, I”m 44 not 24 🙂

See you next time!

My personal blog if you’re interested

Dove Mi Porta



Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a small review on a beauty product that I am really in love with. Please remember I am not a professional make up artist I am also not a professional make up reviewer either. These are just my personal impressions and opinions on a product I like so much I wanted to share it with you.. 

I’m not really sure when this Tarte Eyeshadow pallet came out but I think it was fairly recently and it may even be a limited addition. I have to find that out because if it is I need to get at least two more. Yes, thats how much I like it. On to my impressions. 

First, I love the packaging. 


Its a metal packaging and it’s not heavy or clunky either. A lot of pallets will come in that hard cardboard and while those aren’t terrible the outsides of them get so dirty and it’s hard to keep them clean so I much prefer this packaging here. It also has like a little click lock on it too so it won’t just flip open. I also love the colors on the front. It looks like the inside of an abalone gemstone in pink and purple my two favorite colors since I was a little girl. 


I like that it has a nice sized mirror as well. The entire footprint for this is not large at all and I think, perfect for traveling. 


As you can see it comes with six shadows, well really eight if you count the black and the brown and one blush. 

The colors of the shadows are : Sand out from the crowd, Peach for the stars, Two plumbs up Pink outside the box, Rose to the occasion, and View from the taupe.

The two liners are  :Dream in chocolate and Dont stand black.

Included is also a small brush but honestly, it doesn’t work for me , I don’t like it so I don’t use it. 

Here are some swatches for you. Remember I’m not a pro so sorry if these aren’t sufficient enough. 

These two photos are the eyeshadows



This is the blush and the liner. I was having a hard time getting the blush to show up because the lighting was bad. It was raining and cloudy for days so I did the best I could. 


The blush is a really beautiful pinky coralish color. It works really well with my fair skin tone. 

All of the shadows tend to be a little bit chalky but only a tiny bit. I usually tap my brush after picking up the product to get the excess off so I haven’t seen a lot of fall out with any of them. I would image though if you didn’t tap the excess off you would have some. 

What I love about these shadows is number one, they are ALL matte. That isn’t an easy thing to find in the world of eye shadow.

unfortunately I have kind of dry eye lids and sparkle at my age, yes I realize I am only 43 but sparkle at my age just doesn’t look good. I mean, it doesn’t look terrible but I don’t think it looks good either. Anything with sparkle tends to crease on me making my eyelids look super wrinkly. No woman has time for that! So I like to stick with the mattes’. The problem is a lot of matte’s usually come in browns and taupe’s, and while like taupe I do not look good in brown anything. Everytime I try and wear brown eye shadows it tends to drag my whole face down so I stay away from them. My eyes are a greenish, blueish, greyish, LOL depending on the day.. They’ve even been on the violet side at times. Purples and mauves seem to work best on me and really make my eyes pop. 

So when I saw this pallet come out even though it was the last thing I needed I scooped it right up because these colors in matte are SO hard to find. I don’t know why make up companies don’t make more of them!

I have said in past posts that you can not beat the quality of high end eye shadows and I still stand by that. These shadows by Tarte are SO velvety smooth. Like butta as a friend would say. They also blend beautifully. You would be hard pressed to find these qualities in a drug store brand eye shadow, not that drug store brand eye shadows are bad, I own many myself but the higher end ones, there’s simply no comparison in the texture,wear and blendability. I have learned over the past year that when it comes to makeup quality always weighs out quantity. See my last post The Dangers Of YouTube to understand my last statement.

Tarte really did a wonderful job with this pallet and I can only hope that maybe next time they will come out with more shades of purple, pinks and mauve’s. That would be just awesome! 

I hope you enjoyed my review 🙂 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with TARTE cosmetics, I am not receiving any kind of kickback nor any monetary gifts for my review. These are simply my own opinions.