Neutrogena Primer Review

Hello to all my beauty lovers out there! In this post I wanted to bring you a review on a beauty product that I have recently discovered and am absolutely loving! It is the Neutrogena Glow Primer + Serum. As with all of my reviews thus far, this is not a sponsored post.

Neutrogena Glow Primer

Truthfully I have no idea how long this has been on the market but it’s new too me. I have always had normal skin that tended to lean a bit towards dry but in the last three months or so it seemed my skin was changing yet again. I’m almost fifty and since my mid forties it seems my skin was changing every year. Over the course of the last four months I noticed my makeup did not look very good. I looked very ‘cakey’. I tried all different kinds of moisturizers, foundations, tinted moisturizers but nothing seemed to make my makeup look any better. Then I saw this Primer + Serum in the store and decided to try it. I didn’t have high hopes because most products in the beauty industry don’t always do what they promise but I figured, it has Hyaluronic Acid in it so it may be okay.

I was floored the first day I used it. I decided that instead of wearing my CeraVe, which I still love or any other kind of moisturizer under my makeup I would use only the Neutrogena Glow Primer + Serum. Good decision! My makeup looks so much better. I don’t look ‘cakey’ anymore or like I put my makeup on with a grout trowel.

These are some of the claims that Neutrogena makes for this product.

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Glow Booster moisturizing serum-to-primer hybrid to leave skin hydrated
  • Infused with purified Hyaluronic Acid to provide instant hydration
  • This priming serum completes the look of your skin with a glowing finish
  • Non-greasy formula is designed to make skin appear more plump and energized

My personal opinion on the above claims is, I can agree with everything except the last one. I don’t see my skin appearing to be any more plump but that’s not something that is really important to me. What I do see, is smoother, more hydrated skin. What I feel is again, smoother, more hydrated skin and my makeup looks so much nicer than it has.


I hope you enjoyed this review and it was helpful to you. I have included links in my post so if you’re interested in getting this you don’t have to go hunting around on Google to find it.



Tarte Pallet Review – Cue The Confetti

Hello to all my beauty lovers out there ! I am so excited to bring you this review on my blog. I found this little palette by accident when I was on the Sephora website looking for something completely different and it caught my eye.  Let’s get into the details of this little beauty and why I like this palette so much. Oh, and just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. Tarte doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall.


Yes, I’m a neutrals gal and these neutrals are just stunning. The pigmentation is amazing as I would expect any Tarte shadow to be. The darker metallic and luster shades look like they would be too dark but I was amazed when I first applied the metallic bronze color into my crease, it was the perfect amount of pigment. Not too dark not too light and you can most certainly build them up if you so choose. Let’s take a look at some swatches. Forgive me, I’m not the best swatcher (is that a word?) but I try.


As I’ve gotten older my preference has changed when it comes to makeup. For my look I believe less is more. I took a quick shot of what this palette looks like on my eye just to give you an idea of how it looks.


These shadows blend beautifully, they are highly pigmented without any patchiness .

I also like this palette because it’s smaller and only has five colors. I have had tons of palettes in the past. For years I was sucked down the beauty of hole of wanting to have all the newest palettes that came out and most of them had anywhere from eight to fifteen colors to choose from. Then one day I guess I finally got hold of myself and realized that for me I was just wasting money because I wasn’t using all the colors in these big palettes. I gravitated to the few I really liked and just never stepped out of my comfort zone with the rest. I believe makeup should be fun but it also should be easy. I no longer want to have to hunt through a big palette and decide what colors would look good together. I love the easiness of this palette and the price is only $19.00! Can’t beat that for a Tart Palette.

URGENT! This is a limited edition palette so if you’d like one I suggest you order it now before they’re gone. Tarte had a limited edition palette years ago that I was in love with and when I went back to order another one they were all gone and selling on E-Bay for $80.00 so I wouldn’t wait too long.

I hope you enjoyed my small review of the Tart Cue The Confetti Eyeshadow Palette.




Saturday Snapshots – My Week In Review


What a busy week! As usual my intention was not to have such a busy week but it never seems to go that way….The beginning of the week consisted of running errands almost everyday in this unbearable heat. Here in South Carolina, all week it’s been in the high 90’s again with heat indices of 105 -110. Todays heat index was 117! Yeah, Im SO ready for fall and winter.

Thursday found me in a room that looked like this


And of course once they put you in a room that looks like this they let you sit there and wait and wait and wait some more and well, I am not good at waiting. It’s something I am working on with God. Learning to be more patient. It’s definitely not a strong point of mine so then I began to look like this


That’s my “if the doctor isn’t in here in five minutes I’m leaving I don’t have anymore time to waste” look.

But at least my outfit didn’t look half bad. Yeah I still don’t know how to take an outfit of the day shot. 


I did manage to make a good meal this week. It’s my own healthy version of chicken stir fry.


And poor Toby is just completely frustrated these days because he so badly wants to rough house 


with his sister Sarah 


But it’s just not possible yet.. Poor guy….. And Alvin learned a new lesson on Friday


That you can’t go out in the rain and then run at mach speed into the house where you hit the tile floor because your legs will fall out from underneath you and you will slide across the floor into the table.. Yep, he did that.. Nope he didn’t get hurt and yes I laughed so hard I hurt my gut….

I spent the morning on Friday trying to make some sort of sense out of my craft/office/makeup room. I got 90% of it organized. Just some things left that I need to find homes for. 

Makeup portion of the room. Yeah, it takes a lot for my face to look halfway decent. 


Yes those are filming lights I use to make my YouTube videos. They make the wrinkles look better. 

This is the office/craft portion of the room. Right now I’m just using the furniture I have on hand. Eventually I want white. 


Didn’t come out too badly and at least I have a space and everything has a place to live for now..After I finished this without hurting myself surprisingly, I went to change that garbage bag you see off in the corner there and promptly pulled all the muscles in my chest on the right side so, once again I am off to the showers to see if I can make it feel better.. 

Hope you all had  a great week! 

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