It Matters

Crown of thorns

I know many of you will read this post and not believe a single word of it but it must be told.


There is so much suffering in the world today. I don’t know if it’s any worse than other past ages but this is the age we live in. So many of us suffer with physical illness, emotional pain, drug addiction, alcoholism, persecution, poverty and maybe a combination of so many kinds of suffering. We live, in a suffering world and the world tells us to end our suffering. It’s now legal to commit suicide if a person is suffering any kind of mental or physical illness. Legal to slaughter an unborn child in the womb, to slaughter a full term, birthed infant to avoid suffering of having to alter life plans. In the eyes of the world there is no reason to suffer. There is no merit in suffering but, as always, the world couldn’t be more wrong. All suffering has merit in the eyes of God.

In the past two days I listened to two very well known, faithful, holy priests who are undergoing their own “agony in the garden of suffering’. Both young men in their early forties, faithful sons of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. One has been diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gherigs Disease, and the other, a brain tumor.

Both of these men asked for this. Yes, you read that correct. One asked God to give him something that he could offer for victims of clergy sex abuse. The other asked for something to make him a saint and a witness to all. God answered them. You may be thinking that God is cruel to let these two terrible illnesses befall these men but it’s just the opposite. These two men know the value of suffering in Gods eyes. They know how many souls can be saved through their suffering and witness to the love and mercy of God. God knows that more than ever in these troubled times in the world and in the Church we need suffering saints on earth and these two men have offered themselves to the Lord in obedience and service to Him. They have offered themselves as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.

God uses suffering for the good of the soul who suffers and or for other souls who otherwise many suffer a worse fate had no one offered themselves for them. This is part of the love and mercy of our Savior. Nothing is ever wasted with God. If you are suffering, offer your suffering to the Lord, for yourself, for others and God will use your suffering for good. He always does. Trust Him. We only see the here and now, God see’s the past, present and future. When the world tells you that suffering is a waste, to end your suffering, suffering has no use, remember that suffering always has merit in Gods eyes and you will be rewarded generously for your offering, your obedience and your trust in Him.


Soul Check – Are You Herod?



Whens the last time you checked your soul? We live in societies that teach you not to worry about your soul. Everything is here! Now! More! Not good enough!… So let me ask you again, whens the last time you checked your soul?

In Mark 6:17, Mark tells us “Herod was afraid of John the Baptist because he knew he was a good and holy man.”

Let’s unpack this statement.

God, in His infinite mercy gave even Herod Antipas the wisdom to know that John the Baptist was a good and holy man. God gave Herod the opportunity to do what was right and save his own soul by giving him knowledge of John. You may be confused wondering what I mean by God gave him this. The answer is, anything you have that is good, be it knowledge, a good job, faith, anything you have that is good and anything in you that is good comes from God and God offers this too all his creations and it us up to us to accept it or reject it.

In Herod’s case he rejected Gods grace even though he knew not just in his thoughts but also in his heart John was a good and holy man and right when John accused him of his sins but Herod had him beheaded anyway. Why did he do this? Because Herod was a man “of” the world. He had absolutely no concern for his own soul. His priorities were his possessions and his reputation with men of the world.

So many of us today live in this same way. God gives us so many graces, so many gifts to save our souls and dwell with Him in heaven for all eternity but we, fallen beings that we are, lazy beings that we are put our faith in the world and all of it’s things and in peoples thoughts and impressions of us.

As Christians, unlike Herod, we are to live “IN’ the world but not be “OF” the world. Our main focus is to be on the Lord at all times, to know, love and serve Him. To strive for sainthood, to strive to save our souls so that when our time here on earth has come to an end, we may dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Where are your priorities at this moment in time?
  • Are you more concerned with what the world thinks of you rather than what God thinks of you?
  • Are you overly concerned about your possessions or lack of possessions?
  • Are you satisfied with what you have or do you have a constant need for more?


I would love to read your thoughts on this topic. Please share with me.


When The Past Becomes Present


I really don’t want to go backwards. Like many of us there are things and people I would rather not revisit in my older years. Some have specific reasons, others do not.

A week or so ago I had someone from my past make themselves present. An old, old friend who because of time and life itself is now more an acquaintance than anything else. As we grow older we change, all of us do and when you haven’t seen or spoken to someone in many years you truly no longer know that person as you once did.

When we were teenagers we were very close friends along the lines of brother and sister. We reconnected through Facebook somewhere around five years ago and it didn’t go well. I had grown up and changed and so had he. Before we go any further, I said it’s a he. Let me answer the question in your mind, No, there was never any kind of romantic involvement. We were truly just good teenage friends.

Our re-connection five years ago showed how very, very different we are as grown adults. Because of this the “friendship’ ended on a sour note and I thought nothing else about it since that time. Fast forward to last week. I received a message from this person on Facebook and I hesitated to answer for twenty four hours. I then began to feel guilty. Why guilt? Well because I’m a Christian and we are not supposed to turn our backs on anyone so I answered my old friend and then I gave permission for a phone call. During the phone call he told me he loved me and I said I love you too. Remember, this kind of love is friend love, not romantic love.

Truth is, while I do feel sad for the stuff he’s going through, eighty percent of it is his own doing and with all that  I have in my own life with my own poor health, my husbands health, our financial issue’s, my dogs, my home, my extended family I really, really do not need nor want people in my life who are one hundred percent negative and one hundred percent drama all the time. I was contacted by him again two days ago asking me when would be a good time to call and I never answered. I just do not want to go back there. My gut is screaming at me not to get involved again. My mother always taught me, “follow your gut” but at the same time in this situation I also feel guilty. I love him as I love others but sometimes just because you love someone doesn’t mean you need to involve yourself in something knee deep that you know will only hurt you in one way or another.

What would you do? What is your advice?




My Decision

John 8:36

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed”

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Son. The Son of the one true and living God, free me O’Lord from

-my vices

-my addictions

-my fear

-my illnesses

-my sinfulness

-my unhappiness

You, O’Lord can make me truly free.



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Will You Be Attending?


In the society we live in these days, our Lord Jesus Christ has been a victim of what most men are now victims of. That is, emasculation. The “feminists”, a group I proudly say I am not part of, and don’t believe an ounce of their rhetoric have turned men into sissy boys. Women believe they don’t ‘need’ a man, they are ‘better than a man’ and the ridiculous list goes on and on and on, and they’ve done the same to our Lord Jesus Christ. Worse yet, those in the Church have gone along with this thinking and have been teaching this mindset for so long, that now, most people think that our Lord Jesus Christ is all about love, lollipops and unicorns. They couldn’t be more wrong. 

While Jesus IS love, He is also just, and righteous and He IS the TRUTH itself. Many places in the bible it tells us that our Lord got angry, and He also tells us countless times what we must do to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Why am I writing this post? I was reading the daily Mass readings for today and the Gospel is from Luke 14:15-24. Our Lord is telling about a man who prepares a feast for friends. He then sends his servant to go and invite said friends. Well, each ‘friend’ had a reason they could not attend. Angering the man he then tells his servant to go out into the streets and invite, the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind to his wonderful feast, rich in all the finest foods of the day. 

Our Lord ends this parable by saying, “I tell you, none of those men who were invited will taste my dinner”. So what is Jesus telling us? The answer is very simple. 

Jesus has invited us ALL to His feast in the Kingdom of Heaven. The invitation is open to all but if you reject Him and His invitation you will NOT taste the Kingdom of Heaven. What does rejecting Him mean? It means not living as He says in Scripture. It means not being open to His love, mercy and graces because we think we know better. It means being of this world and all it’s evil ways instead of just being in the world but keeping our focus on the Lord at all times even when it’s the hardest. 


So the question then becomes. Will you accept His invitation?

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