Corona Diary 3-21-2020

I don’t remember how many days it’s been since we went out but it’s not been too many. I am not bothered by this because I have always been more of an introverted person, have always liked being in my home, so for me voluntary quarentining isn’t really a hard ship.

Sadly for many others it is because the younger generations have no understanding of the value of home and home making. Maybe in a good way this will teach them about that.

When I grew up in New Jersey, everything was closed on holidays and Sunday’s. There truly wasn’t one store open. It’s not like that now where I grew up which is a shame I think but where I live now in South Carolina in the historic part of town it is still that way. As in my childhood, Sunday’s here are for the Lord and for resting.

Sadly again, the younger generations have no sense of this nor do they participate because they haven’t been taught. For most of them, God either doesn’t exist or He does exist but He is some far away being who isn’t involved in our every day lives. This saddens me more than anything.

Back to the present moment, Holy Week will be here soon and then Easter Sunday. I am still kind of stunned that there will be no Holy Week Masses, no Confession, and no Easter Sunday Mass. This has not happened since the Christian persecution by the Romans!

It’s also confusing. You have some Priests, Bishops and Cardinals agreeing with the shutting down of the Churches, Masses, Sacraments, etc but others are saying it’s wrong.

For me, I don’t know which is right or wrong or even if it is a question of right and wrong. It’s confusing, frustrating and sad but I will not despare because I know the Lord is with me where ever I am or am not.


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