Corona Diary 3-17-2020

Coronavirus fear and panic continues to sweep the nation. Grocery stores are still out of toilet paper, paper towel, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. In some stores, meats, canned goods, rice, beans and soups are low as well.

The news cycle continues to run the story of the virus day and night. Each day or hour depending on how much you listen or watch we learn of new cases and new deaths. All social media platforms feeds are overrun with news and opinions on the Coronavirus. Some people on social media are praying, most are fighting with each other.

Schools, a lot of businesses and most Churches are now closed. Last night our bishop sent a letter telling us all masses are being suspended until further notice. The Blessed Sacrament and the sacrament of Confession are also no longer available to us. This, has me quite upset.

There is a constant tension in the atmosphere filled with fear and anxiety felt by mostly all people. There are fights in grocery stores over toilet paper and other items. What should be a time that would bring out the best in others seems to be bringing out the worst. I have witnessed both a rise in faith and also a lack of faith.

On a personal level, myself and my husband are trying not to go anywhere we don’t have too. I am trying best I can to disinfect all surfaces and items we touch every few days which, with my poor health to begin this is not an easy task but I am trying. For now, we have enough food and suppllied to last a while.

I am trying very hard to put all of this into the Lords hands and trust Him reminding myself every few hours if need be that He is in control, begging His mercy, asking for forgiveness of my sins, trying to learn to be obedient and draw closer to Him and our Blessed Mother.


One thought on “Corona Diary 3-17-2020

  1. Robyn, you are doing the right thing lie low don’t go out….and plead the blood over you and your husband….God is with you both and he will see you guys through….I don’t know what the answer is to the churches closing….I know they have to adhere to the government I mean look at Rome…..but during this time we need to just concentrate on our personal relationship with God and know that he will work out something bad for good to his people who are called to his purpose….Debbie p.s. I will miss holy week and Easter as well it is going to be hard.

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