A How To For The Soul


How to Live a Holy Life.

In 2 – Timothy he tells us that God has called us to lead a holy life. ALL OF US. Not just a select few but every single person. The question is, how do we do that? I know for myself when I read this scripture passage I was wondering as well. So I do what I normally do.

I prayed and asked God to show me and then I went back to the Saints of Old and took from their advice and the way they lived their lives. Here are some things we can put into practice in striving for the holy lives that God has called us too.

-Follow Gods commandments. All of them. Even the ones you think are not right. You’re wrong. God is right.

-Be obedient to His will and not your own no matter what.

– Be filled with the love of the Lord towards others but also rebuke your brother or sister with love, patience and kindness if they are straying from the narrow path. Who are your brothers and sisters? Everyone.

-Have a repentant heart. As God for this gift.

-Make a real effort every day not to sin and when you do ask God for forgiveness right away.

-Care for those who are poor and sick.

-Visit those who have been forgotten about or are imprisoned.

Everyone knows someone who fits the description of the above, maybe it’s someone in your own family. Caring for doesn’t always mean money either. Help them in some way, be kind to them, include them, visit them. Could be something as simple as a cup of tea, reading a book to them or even simpler, just sitting in silence with someone who has no one.

-Pray for the good of others especially those we do not like or have hurt us.

-Forgive. Yes I know this is hard. I struggle with this as well. But remember, when we pray the Lords prayer we are asking God to forgive us as we forgive others. Think about how you may have forgiven someone. Would you really want God to forgive you in the same way? Frightening thought isn’t it? Ask God for the grace to forgive as He forgives.

-Keep your eyes on the Lord and not the things or people of this world who tell you different.

-Take up your cross or crosses and carry them every day.

I realize you might think there is no way you could do any of this. I know they are all hard but most important, GOD knows they are hard but He, among everything else is also the God for whom nothing is impossible. You need to pray and ask for the grace to be able to accomplish these things. These are the will of God. Ask and you shall receive.


3 thoughts on “A How To For The Soul

  1. Robyn, you are 100% right on all of the above….it is an everyday get up and rededicate yourself to the task at hand and of course ask God and the Holy Spirit for help and it will come….and we will experience joy when we know we are living for Christ and that not only did he die for us but he loves us more than we can ever know and he is waiting for us to ask him for help…..God Bless you…..:-)….Debbie


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