Are You Panicking?


Are you panicking? Are you semi-concerned? Are you not concerned at all?

As for me, I think I am all of the above at different times of the day. I truly do not know if this Coronavirus (Covid-19) is being blown out of proportion or not. I watched as it ravaged China. I’m watching as it’s ravaging Italy, I am watching it slowly spread in the United States and I am keeping up with all the governments press briefings, the CDC etc.

At the same time though I am confused as to why they are saying it’s worse than Influenza. Here in the United States in 2020 alone so far we have had a sixty five percent higher number of cases than last year, eighty seven thousand people have been hospitalized and forty eight hundred people have died. Those numbers are this year alone. I think we have seen numbers like this for Coronaviru world wide so far.

It seems to also have the same symptoms as influenza, the secondary infections like pneumonia are what lead to death in both influenza and coronavirus. So why is one worse than the other? Where is all the government and media panic about influenza? There isn’t any and I think that may be because we have all, world wide become so desensatized to the flu.

On the flip side of that I am concerned for my husband and my loved ones up in New Jersey about this coronavirus but I don’t know if my fear is because the fear of this new virus has been so hyped up by the media and governments around the world or there is real reason to be afraid..

What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Are You Panicking?

  1. Robyn, I think it is a virsus that can and does have serious affects just like that of influenza having said that I also think the media which really has its hand in feeding the people their agenda and propaganda has a hand in the panic of the toilet paper and hand sanitizer run as well as just to stir panic and point fingers. Why would they do that well for various reasons….main one so that the economy tanks and they can blame it on someone you figure that one out. I think our President did what any president should have done about the travel, etc early on I might add…..can we do everything to stop it NO….but we need to use the same principles that we use with germs in general, wash your hands and try and not touch your face while out….if it where to get heavy in an area try not to go out. We have closed the school I worked for out for much less to disinfect….germs will spread in public areas. I truly believe that the origins of the virus are suspicious and the fact that it really attacks a targeted group elderly and weakened immune system is not by accident enough said of that. Am I concerned of course I would be lying if I said I wasn’t but what I have been hearing in my heart and soul from the Lord is to trust him and when I feel worried about this or anything else to say I trust you Lord my life is in your hands. I pray psalm 91 over my family and ask for a hedge over them. Then I try to let it go because other than what I said above common sense things what can we do nothing….buying out toilet paper and hand sanitizer won’t save us just give those companies a lot of money. I am all for having a two week supply of what you need in case of any emergency….but at this time I really feel that this isn’t the first and won’t be the last time we face dangers in our world we are living in those times until God returns…..but maybe he is saying to all of us will you trust me now….or just when everything is going okay….I say this to myself as well…..I am going to do everything I know to do and with everything in me trust the Lord that he has this and more importantly he has me no matter what….Sending love, prayers, and reminding everyone…..that God is still on is throne and in control.

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  2. I wasn’t concerned at first, but now growing more & more concerned every day because a couple years ago our youngest daughter & family chose to move from here, NC, all the way across the country to Seattle, Washington and is now right in the middle of this new virus! I checked on them yesterday and she said my son-in-law (her husband) which is employed by Amazon has been ordered by Amazon to work at home for at least the next two weeks! All Amazon employees are home bound for the time being. THIS IS SERIOUS GUYS! My little grandson’s school is still running for now but no outsiders are allowed inside the school…only students and teachers. I’ve been alive for 59 years and have never seen anything like this.

    The reason I would never compare it to the influenza is because influenza has been around for a long while and of course new kinds of it come out each year we’re told, BUT THIS VIRUS is different…least of all it’s NEW so comparing the number of deaths due to it versus the flu that’s been long established is loony in my opinion …of course the numbers are much lower, it’s new and just getting started…and the likely hood of it coming from that chemical born lab is just as scary.

    Thanks for the opportunity to air my thoughts and feelings on the matter. May God hold and protect us all. Love, Carol💜✔️

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  3. I am concerned because it is spreading and new cases pop up each day. I am concerned because we do not know enough about it. I am concerned because my husband has a very serious, chronic pulmonary illness that puts him at risk. Actually, we are both at risk because we are 65+. I am watching the rush on supplies, empty shelves, empty aisles at markets across the country. So, we ventured out to stock up on what we thought we would need in an emergency, tried not to touch our faces and headed back home to wash our hands with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds. And we offered up a prayer to be safe and healthy while the Covid-19 Viris runs its course.

    But, we have a very strong faith and truly feel God’s protection. That does not mean we are immune to this or any other illness, but once we do all we can, we know we are in God’s hands and I am so thankful for our faith.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Patti. I keep going from calm to I don’t want to walk outside my house back to calm..LOL. Like you Lou is 62 has heart disease, COPD.. Me with my weak immune system so I am concerned as well but I think I’m just trying to hold it together as best I can..


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