Soul Check – Are You Herod?



Whens the last time you checked your soul? We live in societies that teach you not to worry about your soul. Everything is here! Now! More! Not good enough!… So let me ask you again, whens the last time you checked your soul?

In Mark 6:17, Mark tells us “Herod was afraid of John the Baptist because he knew he was a good and holy man.”

Let’s unpack this statement.

God, in His infinite mercy gave even Herod Antipas the wisdom to know that John the Baptist was a good and holy man. God gave Herod the opportunity to do what was right and save his own soul by giving him knowledge of John. You may be confused wondering what I mean by God gave him this. The answer is, anything you have that is good, be it knowledge, a good job, faith, anything you have that is good and anything in you that is good comes from God and God offers this too all his creations and it us up to us to accept it or reject it.

In Herod’s case he rejected Gods grace even though he knew not just in his thoughts but also in his heart John was a good and holy man and right when John accused him of his sins but Herod had him beheaded anyway. Why did he do this? Because Herod was a man “of” the world. He had absolutely no concern for his own soul. His priorities were his possessions and his reputation with men of the world.

So many of us today live in this same way. God gives us so many graces, so many gifts to save our souls and dwell with Him in heaven for all eternity but we, fallen beings that we are, lazy beings that we are put our faith in the world and all of it’s things and in peoples thoughts and impressions of us.

As Christians, unlike Herod, we are to live “IN’ the world but not be “OF” the world. Our main focus is to be on the Lord at all times, to know, love and serve Him. To strive for sainthood, to strive to save our souls so that when our time here on earth has come to an end, we may dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Where are your priorities at this moment in time?
  • Are you more concerned with what the world thinks of you rather than what God thinks of you?
  • Are you overly concerned about your possessions or lack of possessions?
  • Are you satisfied with what you have or do you have a constant need for more?


I would love to read your thoughts on this topic. Please share with me.


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