I Need To Get Off


I need to get off this crazy ass speeding life just for a little while… I need things to slow down some. If you read my last post here  then you would know I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed with life right now for a lot of reasons and today just added more too it.

I had my day planned (I always do and it NEVER goes according to plan). We had to have our two smallest dogs, Alvin and Bo (I did not name him that but he’s too old to change it. He’s a rescue) at the vet which is twenty-five minutes away because all four of my dogs now have some kind of summer itch/rash going on and these two needed to be checked out plus have their nails clipped. Afterwards I was going to come home and clean my house because I haven’t been home all week and things get away from you. God had other plans. He usually does.

In my last post I told you that one of my issue’s with my overwhelm was my dog Jake who is almost fourteen and not in good health. I knew the day was coming quickly that I would have to put him down but I was really hoping he would make it through this long memorial day weekend and we would say good-bye on Tuesday of next week. Well, that didn’t happen either.

When Jake woke up this morning I knew something was definitely not right. Granted he hasn’t been right for some time due to age and health but no, he was truly, truly off. Whether I liked it or not, today was the day. There would be no waiting until after the holiday. When you own an animal, if you truly know your animal then you know their habits, their facial expressions, you can anticipate what they want and don’t want and you also know when they are trying to tell you something.

I looked into Jake’s big auburn eyes this morning and there it was. He was telling me it was time. He’d had enough, his body was tired, in pain and he couldn’t go anymore. So, after we took the little ones to get their stuff done I came home, called the vet’s office (my vet has three offices), I called the one closest to the house (not the same one we took the little ones too), told them what was up and I was on my way. Our neighbor Bill came up and helped us get Jake into the SUV and we left. When we got there I was told to go into the office and let them know we were there so they could bring a stretcher out for Jake because his legs were so weak. I did that and as I was waiting my husband knocked on the window and the next thing I see is my husband walking through the door with Jake who was walking. I couldn’t believe it. I guess Jake had one last bit of energy left and he wasn’t going out on a stretcher.

The doctor came in and we were all on the floor with Jake. Me, the doctor and the nurse. She gave me some pretzel rods and a can of squirt cheese and said, ‘Give him as much as he wants”.. So, that’s what I did.. He had a good amount and then she pushed the medication and within seconds my boy was gone. Yes, it was sad, yes I cried and yes it hurts because we miss him but, we also know that this is all part of owning and loving an animal. The bad part but, part of it.

Jake was an amazing dog. Always incredibly well behaved from the time he was just a wee little puppy. Always incredibly smart, affectionate and friendly as all get out. I miss my Jakey Boy, I will always miss him but I know, when my time comes if I ask God to let me have my babies in heaven with me, He will. So we will be together again.. Mommy loves you Jakey Boy..

Jakeydoo Baby_preview




3 thoughts on “I Need To Get Off

  1. Robyn, I am sorry for your loss of Jake know how much you love your fur babies…..he is at peace and I too like you believe we will see them again…..God hold you in the weeks to come and may he bring a smile to your face when you think of him and give you his peace…..sending you a big hug…..xoxo…Debbie


  2. Robyn, I’m so sorry for your loss of Jake and the pain you’re feeling now. It’s true~the only time our precious pets make us sad is when we have to help them pass. Sending hugs my friend.
    Love you, Jodi


  3. He’s beautiful. I’m so sorry for the loss of Jake. I wish we could have them with us longer. I’d like to think we’ll see them again someday.


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