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Hi friends,

If you follow my Facebook Page  I told you a few days ago I would put up a new post with updates and, here we are. It may be a long one so relax, grab something to drink or eat and read on…

Where have I been? Why no YouTube videos? It’s a simple two word answer, no desire. I know my health is playing a huge part in that but let me tell you about a comment I received last week on of all videos, the one where I announced the passing of my dear friend. A comment was left that I was exploiting “this woman’s” death (not sure how you get that) and that I was a “crack whore” (not sure where that came from either.) they also associated me with a woman who used to make videos and from my knowledge has since moved on from YouTube and social media. I had talked to this woman in the past but nothing serious and there really was no ‘friendship’.  More just occasional acquaintances and honestly, I don’t even know whatever happened to this person. Also very nasty remarks about my appearance etc.

I have a thick skin, you need to on social media especially YouTube. I just deleted the comment and prayed for this person. It’s obvious they have some deep seeded issue’s and it was me they decided to lash out at. Hopefully they will get the help they need and stop trying to hurt others.

I digress. I will tell you it was then and there I thought maybe I have had enough of YouTube. Reason being, not so much what this person said to me rather that I don’t have time for that in my life. My life is so complicated between my husbands health issue’s, my own, caring for him, my home, my dogs, my family, friends and trying when I can to care for myself do I honestly need to put up with people and comments like that? No, no I don’t. I do not have time for things like that and I refuse to make room in my life or my head for comments and people like that. Sadly, YouTube is rampant with people of this sort.

So for those who may be waiting for a new video from me, I apologize but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I will be here on my blog though sharing all that I would have shared on YouTube and if you really want to stay with me then follow this blog and join my Facebook page for all the latest posts, news, updates etc.

This post is more lengthy than I thought when I started out so I think I will break up all the updates I have for you into a couple different posts….

Have any of my readers left YouTube or another Social media site because they just don’t want to deal with the negativity? Leave a comment below I’d like to read your story..

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “Social Media Update

  1. I agree with you Robyn, lately all I hear about is how people are rude and mean on youtube to others….what is wrong with people. I don’t get it …..if you don’t like someone just move on. I know you have been having a lot of healthy issues you and Lou and then Patty’s passing and all it has to be alot . Please just know that you guys are in my prayers…..I will be keeping up with your blogs and if and when you want to make a video…..I’ll be there too…..xoxo….Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie, I agree with you 110%. I have moved away from most social media with the exception of my blog. I am not spending nearly the amount of time on Facebook or YouTube as I used to and I have much more time for things that truly matter to me. I hope I can keep this up. Thank you so much for the prayers Debbie and always supporting me. I hope you are well.. Sending my love XO


  2. It’s one reason why I was never tempted to start a channel. So I can understand.

    I just lost my chihuahua unexpectedly, he was only five. I’m having a hard time grieving, and find I’m not as interested in doing as much. I know you’re grieving over your friend, so can understand that too. I still watch videos though, they are a good distraction.

    I hope you and Lou are doing okay. Take care.

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    1. Oh Sherry, Im so so very sorry for the loss of your fur child. I’ve had to put so many down over the last 20 years it’s incredibly hard and such a deep deep loss..Lou and I are doing the best we can.. can’t say much more than that really. We’re not great, we’re not terrible, we just.. are, I guess.. Im so sorry Sherry XOXO


      1. Thanks. It was terribly hard, because I was walking him and he was attacked by a pit bull. Someone had their dog loose in the yard. I’m not only grieving, but I know I have some PTSD. Anyway, if you could say a prayer for me, I’d appreciate it. Fortunately, he didn’t touch my other dog, Chica. She’s a chow mix. Anyway, the owners felt bad about it, and paid our vet bill, and are getting rid of the dog. Although, I don’t blame the pit bull, they were irresponsible. Sad for both dogs all around. As you can imagine, this fur baby loss is incredibly hard. I keep blaming myself, that I didn’t protect him. I guess it’s just going to take time. On a positive note, I am feeling a bit better every day. I will keep you and Lou in my prayers for better health.


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