Spring Has Sprung In The South


I think it’s official. Spring has finally sprung in the South. We have had an unseasonable cold and longer-ish winter this year in my part of South Carolina near the coast but, I see new signs of life all over my property.


The pear tree has some new blooms.


And the peach blossoms are also blooming. While taking some of these photos the bees were also buzzing doing their annual pollinating dance.


Yes, even weeds can be pretty and bring back memories. When we were young children we used to pick these, make a wish and blow the heads away into the wind. Did you do that?


And once my cherry tree begins to blossom I know it’s officially spring. Welcome new life.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung In The South

  1. Hi, Oh thank you so much.. Ive not had much time to blog.. My husband got gravely ill in February with the flu and double pneumonia.. Consisted of an ambulance taking him to the hospital, being put in a coma and on a breathing ventilator and a 7 day stay.. He's recovering but it's a process so my time has been so consumed with caring for him and all my dogs, my home etc.. You know, life.. I am trying to make time to blog again because I really do miss it.. I just got done reading about your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a wonderful day! XOXO


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