Southern Snow?

Wow! What a twenty-four hours it’s been here in my neck of the woods in South Carolina. 
For those of you who have never lived in the South, we don’t typically get snow in my area. Maybe every seven to ten years we will get a small amount but our usual winter weather is one week of bitter cold in either January or February and then it’s back up into the 50’s low 60’s. Oh, what we do get is the “look’ of snow on cold mornings. Everything is covered in a light, white frost and looks so pretty but then, by Eleven A.M. it’s all gone! And, I kind of like it that way although I will secretly admit I do get to missing some snow here and there. 

Well, God must have decided it was time for me to see and feel some snow so He sent some. We didn’t get as much as the Low Country did but we got a nice three inches. What we also got which I am not crazy about at all is ice. It was sleeting before it snowed so underneath that pretty layer of snow is very dangerous ice but, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I snapped some photos to share with you all. I know that to those who live in the North and North West this is no big deal but down here in the land of flip flops and shorts it’s a very big deal and kind of nice every once in a while. Enjoy the photo’s . 🙂 

Stepping out the front door this morning. 
My car was caked with solid ice under that snow.

An empty snow covered field near my home

A winter wonderland in my complex this morning.

9 thoughts on “Southern Snow?

  1. Hi Linda, Please forgive me for just seeing this comment now. I am not sure what is happening with blogger but I am not getting any notifications that there are comments… I lived most of my life in the North so I was used to having lots of snow but having moved to the South 15 yrs ago and now that I'm older I like a nice dusting and then it be gone by midday LOL…Thank you so much for coming by, for following and commenting.. Looking forward to getting to know you too! 🙂


  2. Hi there, In a small way, a VERY small way…LOL.. I do miss huge snow falls. I lived all my life in NJ until I moved to the south 15 yrs ago. Driving in snow what my thing but now that I”m older I like a nice dusting and by mid day it's gone…LOL.. Yes we had some black ice this year and it was super dangerous and scary. I had no choice but to go out that morning I had to get some medicine and I literally slid right through a red light.. Was NOT fun. XO


  3. Hi Debby, Yeah I hear California doesn't get a lot of rain? I wonder why? Freezing waterfalls? Oh no thanks, too cold.. LOL Thank you so much for coming by and commenting 🙂


  4. Im with you Silvia..It's nice to look at but I am sure glad I am not getting the 2ft my family in NJ got.. Thank you so much for coming to my blog Sylvia and commenting 🙂


  5. Wonderful snow pics! I’m in Texas and Snow Days are holidays for us! And big auto claims, as well!I am your newest follower and am looking forward to getting to know you!


  6. I'm in northern California and I would love some snow. Heck, even some rain would be nice. At least it's not like it is further up north where the waterfalls totally freeze. I don't think I could handle that.


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