Can You Hear It?

The GEntleBreeze

We live in a world of chaos and noise.. There is so much noise that most of us if we were to be honest with ourselves can’t handle being in silence. In stillness. We become bored and anxious. Our brains have been rewired to be constantly thinking and doing and the sadness of this fact is, we miss it.

What It am I talking about? The voice of God. What is the voice of God? How do we hear it? The best way for me to explain what the voice of God is, is from the Holy Scriptures in 1 Kings 19:9-13. Elijah is in a cave and the Lord tells him to go outside because the Lord is passing by. When Elijah gets outside a fierce wind comes crushing mountains and rocks but the Lord was not in the wind. Then, an earthquake comes shaking the earth and making more noise but the Lord was not in the earthquake. Next, a fire comes and makes all kinds of noise burning all in its path but the Lord was not in the fire. Finally, a soft breeze comes and Elijah hears the voice of God.

There are two ways here we can understand God. Firstly, God doesn’t speak to us in a loud, noisy, chaos filled voice. There will be no “big bang” so to speak. Instead, Gods voice is like that of a gentle breeze. Have you ever sat outside on a beautiful spring day and felt a soft, gentle breeze? It has no sound does it?.. So we learn that God comes softly. God speaks softly and He speaks gently.

Secondly, God comes in silence. He does not try and breakthrough the chaos of the noisy world we live in. He will not shout over the noise of our thoughts. He waits for us to be silent.  In the fast paced, incredibly noisy world we all live in, finding solitude and silence can be a large task but not impossible. We must seek out the silence. We must re-train our minds to be silent because in that silence we will hear the soft, gentle voice of God who wishes to speak with us if only we allow Him too.

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