When I was a kid my mom used to have this saying, “water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”. Yep, she was right.  One morning about two weeks ago I went into my kitchen and I saw some water on the floor. At the time it wasn’t a whole lot and honestly I thought one of my old dogs had an accident during the night. I didn’t make a big deal of it, you learn not too after having raised thirteen dogs in almost twenty years, I just cleaned it up and went on my way. The next morning however when I walked to the same spot to get my coffee cup it looked like my roof sprung a leak. There was, water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

My husband came into the kitchen and we thought the line for the refrigerator water had sprung because when we pulled out the fridge there had to be two inches of water back there. So we spent the next few hours trying to clean it up but upon further inspection of the water line we found there was no cracks, no holes and no leaks. My husband asked me if I had been in my closet today of course I said no not yet but maybe I should go look. In the back of my walk in closet there is a little sort of closet that encloses our hot water tank. Yep. Sure enough. Water, everywhere , running under the walls etc. 

I immediately called my insurance company who had a demolition crew out to our home within an hour. The man who was leading the job was named Thomas a very nice man by the way. He thought okay no big deal a couple of dryers and all will be well. Not….so….fast….To his surprise and my complete shock and worry he ended up having to rip up flooring in my laundry room, kitchen and my closet. Then he ripped out walls in those same rooms, then he had to pull out bottom kitchen cabinets, then insulation from under the house. Yes, it was a mess. The worst part though was that he and his crew found black mold under the flooring in my laundry room and inside my walk in closet. I was horrified. With my health issue’s this was not good and I was told it had been there a long time and also the hot water heater had been leaking a long time as well.  That the insulation around the heater and under the home had been absorbing the water but couldn’t hold it any longer.. Thankfully they were able to kill the mold and clean it all up and dry everything out.

On Tuesday of last week I had the demo crew here to finish up, the insurance adjuster and the plumbing company installing a new hot water heater all at the same time. As of today we are still waiting for an estimate of repairs from the insurance company so I can begin to call contractors and we are living with missing walls, floors etc. The walls, floors, my closet and possibly my entire kitchen plus the insulation under the house will have to be replaced. Here are the before photos. I will post the after photos whenever that happens.  The lesson here is, check your hot water heater at least every six months! Don’t drown like us!

Kitchen damage behind the refrigerator and a now missing bottom kitchen cabinet.


Part of the laundry room


My walk in closet





Pretty isn’t it?

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