Too Sick For A Doctor – TMI

Yes, I know, sounds crazy right? Well I’m here to tell you it isn’t crazy at least, I don’t think it is? And it does happen and it’s happened to me today…


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I have or should I say had, my first follow up appointment with the Rhuematologist to discuss possible treatment options. I say possible because it’s a possibility I won’t be doing it but that’s for another post. I was supposed to be there tomorrow, Wednesday morning. Well, my body has decided it has other plans for me. The plan is, to be stuck in bed all day yesterday, today and most likely tomorrow. Guys? Hide your eyes.

Why am I and have been stuck in bed?  Some refer to it as ‘your monthly friend’ umm, yeah, I don’t see anything friendly about it!!! Of course if you’re actively having sex, not married etc then yeah, I could see why you would call it your friend but, I’m 47 years old and married and No, it’s not my friend!!! Anywho…Since becoming chronically ill so many moons ago I experience a lot of sickness with my cycles. Sometimes it’s not too bad and other times it’s like being hit by a semi for about three days. This month it was a double semi and here I am. 

People who are chronically ill have to cancel things all the time because we never know from one hour to the next how we will feel. Yes, our bodies can change on a dime like that and yes there are times we are actually too sick to see a doctor. I know just how absolutely insane that sounds but look at it this way. If you had the flu, you know how sick you get with the flu right? Usually there’s not much a doctor can do for a healthy person who gets the flu so going to a doctor is pretty useless. Instead you stay home and ride it out until you feel better. Now imagine if you had the flu and you had to go and sit in a waiting room with other sick people hacking and sneezing all over the room, then you had to wait again to see the doctor, then it’s off to the pharmacy to wait again to pick up your prescription. By now you’d most likely be praying you won’t black out and break your neck because you’re so weak. See what I’m sayin here? So yes, being too sick to see a doctor is a real thing and yes it does suck. 


Here’s to better days. 

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3 thoughts on “Too Sick For A Doctor – TMI

  1. Hi Robyn,

    I totally get this post. Ive been where you are… and Ive been too suck to do a lot of things. Its debilitating.
    I had terrible lady-days– the kind that lasted for weeks! I had lady months!

    My family couldn’t understand being house bound.

    It effected my health on top of psoriatic arthritis… it created a physical prison of sorts.

    I hope things are better for you. I made it through menopause WITHOUT the hysterectomy… which Im so glad to have done. The first woman in generations in my family to do so.
    My health has improved.

    Hang in there it has got to get better!

    I may direct message you on IG … with some personal testimony.


  2. I can feel your pain and understand being too sick to see the doctor. It’s rough sometimes when I am scheduled to see my pain doctor for my back and neck, but I am in too much pain to drive. I have to re-schedule it. It’s a tough world we live in with disabling conditions, but many don’t understand.


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