Would You?

This morning I began reading the Gospel of Luke. In the opening chapters of Luke we learn about the foretelling of the birth of John the Baptist by the Angel Gabriel. Next we read about the telling of the birth of our Lord by this same Angel to our Blessed Mother Mary. Now imagine this if you can in your mind. Mary was most likely between the ages of fourteen and sixteen when she was betrothed St. Joseph. In our day and age that would seem insane to most people that a girl of such young age be engaged to a man quite many years older than her, even just the thought of being engaged to anyone at that age but, in those times girls of those ages were no longer considered girls. They were women. They weren’t like young women of today. By these ages, these young women knew how to run a household, how to care for family. They were for the lack of a better phrase, “grown up” because they had been prepared for these things from the time they could speak and most importantly they were taught how to walk with God. The people of this age did things very differently and might I say, the right way.



Now when the angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her she would be the mother of God. She would conceive a child in her womb through the Holy Spirit and his name would be Jesus. Of course at first she was perplexed by this because she said to the angel, “how can this be as I do not have a husband”. Notice she never asked WHY, just how will this take place. Gabriel went on to explain to her how this would be and what would unfold. What was Mary’s response? “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word.” and then Gabriel departed from her.  Can you even imagine!?!??! Now If it had been you or I we probably would have been flipping out.. Not Mary. In complete and total obedience to God she accepted it. Accepted it knowing that in her time, if a woman was found to be with child and was not married she would be stoned to death. Yes, she would be murdered in a horrible way because this was Jewish law.

So now she knows she will become pregnant through the Holy Spirit, she is not married, if it is found out she is with child she will be put to death and on top of all  of this, she now has to convince Joseph of what she was told by Gabriel! Not too mention her parents.. Can you even imagine! Still and all, knowing what she could possibly be facing, Mary was absolutely obedient to the Lord and what was told to her. She trusted completely in God. I am sure she had her fear as any of us would. Remember, Mary was not divine, she was a human girl like any of us but she was also special in that God chose her from the beginning of time but still, human. Which one of us being put in her position wouldn’t have been afraid? Still and all though she depended on the Lord. Put everything in His hands, gave Herself completely over to His will.

What about us? How many of us could say we would have reacted the same? Do we react this way today? God is not a dead God. Each day he waits for us to say “yes” to His will just like Mary did. Do we? Will we? We live in a society where there are SO many things and distractions to take us away from God. It’s very hard these days to make God the center of our lives. To trust Him completely if at all. Everything in our society says not to do this. Everything in our society tries so deeply to keep us away from God and the things of God, to erase God and if you take a good look around, it’s working. But when this life is over, and it will be for all of us what will be left? We will be standing before the Lord waiting for His judgement.

Blind obedience2

Today and everyday try as hard as you can to fight back against the world and give yourself to God. Trust in Him. Renew this commitment to Him each day. I won’t be easy I can tell you that from experience but never give up. God knows what we need before we ask it. God will provide even when there seems to be no answer and no help. Each day try harder to trust in Him and give Him your life so that when you stand in front of Him on your judgement day you have the hope of hearing from the lips of our precious Lord,

“Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the glory of the kingdom of everlasting life.

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One thought on “Would You?

  1. Very nice post. Young ones of today are so much less mature. There is no way a 14 year old could handle such responsibility these days. I know a lot of mid-twenty people that are not mature enough.


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