Could You Make It?


Wow, so it’s been a hot minute since I’ve put up a post. Have had a lot going on. Let’s see. Our hot water heater leaked and caused a lot of damage. I’ve had a demolition crew come in from our homeowners insurance and well, I now have missing walls, flooring, insulation etc. but that’s not what this post is about. I’ll share that another time. In this post I wanted to let you know some of my thoughts, if you care, and what I’ve been up to besides the above. 

Lets talk about the state of our world for a moment shall we? Every day we hear about another terrorist attack somewhere in the world, mass casualties etc. The next thing we see is Social media flooded with, “our prayers are with”, “we stand with” etc. That’s all well and nice but honestly people it’s not enough. Until terrorists are wiped off the face of the earth by whatever means necessary this is going to continue and more lives will be lost. 

Now lets talk about our own society here in the United States. I will tell you up front I voted for Trump and I’m glad I did so if you have an ‘issue’ with that I suggest you stop reading here. If not, lets continue. While I have high hopes for this president as I do every president there’s one thing I have been seeing for months now from a lot of Trump “people” and that’s this whole Messiah complex thing they have going on with him. They believe he will fix everything that’s wrong with this country and with the world. Now, I do hope he fixes A LOT of what’s wrong in this country but as for the rest of the world? No one man will ever do that. Getting back to us. Look at our society. It’s a hot mess and it’s been a hot mess for the last nine years and it’s getting worse every day.

7e7d481ca63183f22f501fab89770ae54971766956121a0cd1e47ffa5deccae0I see the absolute hatred and cruelty people have towards others on social media every day. I see it in the news. The division of races in this country is almost as bad as it was in the 1960’s and I believe all of this is being manufactured behind the scenes with the George Soro’s of the world and it started back eight years ago. I believe the plan was always there but it was executed with the Obama presidency. Well just because he is no longer in the White House (thank God) it’s not getting any better in fact I think it’s getting worse. So there is that huge issue.  We are also deeply, deeply and now violently divided on major social issues that make emotions and tempers run super hot. And then… .there is, terrorism. 

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and she was curious as to why they haven’t hit huge venues here like they did in Manchester. Movie theaters etc. My response was, well it’s one of two things. I believe. anyway. Either 1. we have excellent security in this country, better than anyone knows about but I highly doubt that or 2. terrorists are planning an attack on a much, much larger scale such as, destroying our power grid, or food supply or water supply. Now before you go thinking I’m some nut case think about what I just said. Do you honestly believe that it’s not possible? Think again. I was speaking with a man who works in a meat packing house the other day and he said to me, “you are absolutely correct. You would not believe how easy it is to get into our supply houses (meaning food). There’s no security, anyone could walk straight in and we have questionable people who work there.”.  This is just ONE food packing plant. Do you honestly believe with your whole mind that our electrical grid, food and water supply can’t be infiltrated? Of course they can. I pray it never happens but in this day and age I am afraid that is something that may happen. I don’t know when but I am absolutely not ruling it out. Which brings me to myself and my family and what I’ve been doing. 

prepared-not-scaredNow before you go thinking I’m some kind of off the wall prepper, let me reassure, I am not.  However, I do believe in trying to be prepared for what may come and that could mean any of the above or it could be a natural disaster. We had a hurricane move through our area last year in October and there are still people who are homeless because of it. So you just never know. Because of all of this I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to. Here in my home we are armed as in fire arms. I also live in a state where it is legal to carry concealed weapons and so we do.  I also stock up on water. Nothing crazy but when I go food shopping I make sure to pick up a couple gallons and store. 

I am not sure most of you know and for those who don’t. We are also disabled in this family which means, limited energy etc. So I have been learning ways to be able to grow some of my own foods in ways that my body will allow. And the biggest thing I am currently studying is, how to treat infection, disease and injury, the natural way. Why am I learning and doing all this? Because the bottom line is, whether it’s some kind of attack, some kind of civil breakdown in society and or a natural disaster. If things go bad, you won’t be able to run to the food store, it might not be there or the food might not be either. If you need a doctor or medicine you may not be able to get to either. You also may have to protect yourself and your family. All of these simple things I am doing and learning is called being, or trying to be prepared for whatever may come down the pike. I pray it never does and if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime then I have survival skills that I have been able to pass onto the next generation. While I am trying to be as prepared as one can for these physical things I am also trying to prepare my soul by spending time in Gods Word. Learning and listening to Him.  Everything I have spoken about here, our very lives and everything in them rest with the Lord. We must do our part but apart from Him we can do nothing. So God is a HUGE part of this as well. 

I hope that my sharing this will help other people think about their own families as well. If any of the above happened,  don’t depend on the government to bail us out. They can’t bail themselves out never mind us little people. We really should learn to rely on ourselves as much is humanly possible and leave the rest to God. 

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2 thoughts on “Could You Make It?

  1. So true Robyn, we should all think about being prepared, at least somewhat prepared. It may never happen, but knowledge is power, and the more you know the better the chances are for survival.

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