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I haven’t updated in a few weeks and the reason for that is, well, life.. I was finally able to see the rheumatologist that I had to wait three months to get in to. The appointment was eye opening and very confusing at the same time. To make a long story short, there is a possibility that I have been misdiagnosed for twenty-six years. This Rhuematologist believes I have Rhuemtoid arthritis and have always had it despite my constant negative blood tests for this illness. He is is believing I am what is called sero-negative. Meaning, it’s not showing up in my blood work. Well, I just don’t know. He wants me to begin taking Methotrexate and honestly right now, I am still very unsure what I want to do and very unsure in what to believe. In another post for the sake of my new readers I will tell you about why I’ve been sick for the last twenty-six years and maybe it will all make sense to others because as for myself, right now, I truly don’t know what to think. As for starting treatment for RA, I am also very unsure with this as well. I have to go back to the Rhuematologist on the 30th of this month and I am not sure what I will do..

This week has been exciting for me also because my youngest nephew and my niece who by the way are more like my children then simply a niece and nephew have reached milestones in their lives and for any parent or any ‘like parent’ you know how bitter sweet those are. My youngest nephew graduated the police academy this past Thursday. He’s not in the safest place in the country by any means. (God keep him safe always)  and my niece graduated college with honors and a bachelor degree in business. She is planning on going back to receive her masters.

Then there is this guy..


This is our Alvin only one of our brood of five dogs. Alvin had knee surgery six weeks ago to repair a luxating patella and a slightly torn knee ligament. Yesterday we took him in for his six week follow up and the doctor says he’s doing really well, healing is right on par and within another two weeks he ‘should’ be out of the woods as far as healing time. Although it will be tender for quite some time he’s doing well and I pray he keeps doing well.

There are other things that have been happening but I’ll save that for another post. It’s Friday morning as I write this, it’s a cloudy day as we are expecting rain today and tomorrow morning. Most people complain about rainy days but I’m one of those people who enjoy the rain and accept whatever weather God sees fit to send us. He knows why He’s sending the rain so it is a good thing.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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4 thoughts on “Life & Health Updates

  1. Hi Robyn,
    I understand why you’re confused and wish we could talk just person to person. You know I consider you a friend and are in my prayers.
    Love you, ((Hugs)) Jodi


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