Things to Consider Before Getting A Dog

Let me begin this post by saying I am an absolute dog lover. I am obsessed with dogs. If I could own every dog in the world I would! Yes, it’s a sickness I realize this. But I digress.

So you think you want a dog? Hey that’s great! But first, let me give you a sort of crash course 101 before you get your dog. A little background on me. In the last nineteen years I have raised, cared for and loved with a passion Eleven dogs. Yes, eleven. I had six purebred Lhasa Apso’s. The loves of my life and we had Lizzy our English Setter. All of these babies, yes they were my babies have since passed on. Most of them lived to old age with my Bailey who was my heart only leaving me in 2016 at the old age of Fifteen and a half. 

We currently have two lab mixes, Matty & Jake who are now thirteen years old, two pit mixes Sarah & Toby who will be two years old this coming August and one Chihuahua mix, Alvin who will be one year old this coming June. 

Here are some things to consider before getting a dog. 

  • Dogs, any pet is a life long commitment. You can’t just ship them off if they have ‘issue’s’ such as behavioral, health, mental. They depend on you for their very lives each day. So be absolutely sure you are willing to commit, hopefully, at least the next fifteen years of your life to your dog. 

  • Dogs require attention. Just like any loving being. They need affection and play time. Getting a pet and then leaving it home by itself for 9 hours a day is not really any kind of life for them. To a dog five minutes is a lifetime away from you. If you have to be away for most of the day or night consider getting your dog a brother or sister. 

  • Dogs or any pet for that matter do not exist to be chained up outside twenty four seven. Life on a chain with no human contact is abuse not pet ownership. Your pet will and should be part of your family and treated as such.

  • Medical care should always be a priority for your dog as it is for yourself or your family members.

  • Medical care is expensive. Be able to have the funds to provide this care when needed either through cash, or set up a savings account in which you build for him or her. Or if you have a vet that will make payment arrangements with you when needed is even better but the bottom line is, have the ability to provide. 

  • If you have medical issue’s be sure you can handle a dog. And make sure to have arrangements in place should something happen to you, your beloved dog will have others to care for and love him or her. So many times dogs end up in shelters scared and alone because of this reason.

  •  Patience, Patience, Patience. You will need a lot of this especially if you’re getting a puppy. The puppy WILL have accidents in your home. It’s a given. You will have hair in your home, you will have mud from time to time. Understand that if your personal preference is a clean home there will be extra work. 

  • In the patience category besides the above, if you don’t know how to train your puppy or there is an issue maybe with aggression or anxiety have the ability to employ a trainer. With the right training you will end up with a very well behaved dog. Always remember, how you treat your dog, how you raise your dog is the kind of dog you will end up with.

Lastly, Don’t let any of the above put you off from getting a dog if a dog is truly what you want. Yes there are do’s and dont’s and expenses but I can tell you from lots of experience, none of that compares to what a dog will give you.  Your dog will give you life long (his life) companionship. He or she will be your best friend. He or she will always love you no matter what and that love never ever comes with conditions. Your dog will love you more than any human has the ability to and that there folks makes all of the above completely worth it.. 


(Sarah and I )

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6 thoughts on “Things to Consider Before Getting A Dog

  1. 11 DOGS!! OMG that is unbelievable. I had one dog, Max that was a purebred German Shepard and he was such a sweetie until he died of cancer in 2015. My mom said that she would never have another pet again as we all loved Max so much. But forward to October 2016 and there he was, my sweet little Mali; a mix of shih tzu and cocker spaniel and a little fur ball of energy and love. And even though it is “officially” my dog, my mom loves him and he is her baby. 😀
    love thisss ❤

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    1. Im sorry for the loss of Max..Its truly so hard when we lose a pet we love so much. The ache of having to let them go always stays with you.. I too swore after my lil lhasa apso’s passed I was done. The pain was too great but as you read, I have more and I know I will have to feel that pain again but I truly believe it’s worth it for all they give to us… So glad to hear about Mali. Im sure he must be ADORABLE because he’s a precious mix.. Thank you so much for coming to my blog and also for the reblog! 🙂

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