So Thankful..


Easter is my favorite holiday. It is a time of getting closer to the Lord, learning how to offer myself to Him more in ways I didn’t stop to think about. It’s a time of pondering His love for us, a time of pondering how He gave and gives that love to us each day. It’s a time of solemness, and then a time for rejoicing.  Holy week is my favorite week of the year but this year I spent it with illness and it was a lot less structured than they way I like to spend Holy Week. Despite that, I spent most of the week offering my suffering to the Father and trying as best I knew how to accept how I was feeling and whatever His will is for me. These were the gifts I could give to Him and our Lord Jesus this year since my body wouldn’t allow me to spend time with Him and worship him in the community of my  Church.

Easter arrived Sunday and truth be told, despite still not feeling well I have been walking around on cloud nine all day and so overwhelmed at the love and goodness of our Lord. He gave His life for me! For you! and still, He gave me more this Easter.  The photo above is of myself and my oldest nephew who is more like a son to me than a nephew and whom I have not physically seen in ten years. Not because of any kind of strife but rather just life itself. All week I had been quite saddened by the fact that I could not physically  go and be with my Lord at Mass and I am guessing he knew how much this bothered me because then he put my nephew in my presence as if to say, I understand, I love you. Here is what I know your heart needs at this moment. 

The next gift my Lord gave to me this Easter, as if He hasn’t given enough is, Easter this year marked one year that He gave my husband a second chance at life. On April 16th 2016 my husband suffered a heart attack which very well could have taken him out. God had other plans. (Thank you God) I can not tell you in mere words how very thankful I am to the Lord for His blessings, His mercy, His love. My life may have many problems but with those problems I am blessed by Him beyond deserving. 

Here are some photos from the day with my nephew and his beautiful family. I hope  you enjoy the photos. 




The fact that I am old enough to be a great aunt twice over has not escaped me but I also realize how blessed I am because there are many that the privileged of aging is denied. 


My niece in law.


Nothing better than hugs.


I have been blessed beyond measure. My cup runeth over. 


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6 thoughts on “So Thankful..

  1. Happiness is never found in things we as humans would hope. It’s only found in Jesus Christ. The sooner we realize this as Christian’s we will stop trying to fill our baskets of things in this world.


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