Into The Darkness


On this day our Lord and Savior hung on a cross. Suffering the Crucifixion. Below the cross stands Mary, His Mother, John the disciple “He loved”, and the three other Mary’s. All watching in utter agony at the anguish and pain our Lord was undergoing. When the Ninth hour came, our Lord said, “It is finished” , He then looked to Heaven and said, “Father, into thy hands I commend my Spirit”. The Lord bowed His Head and died.


Darkness descended over the entire land and that darkness is what sets apart this night from all others.  For me, this night is the darkest night of all others. It is the longest night of all others.  For me, it is the eerie emptiness that is palpable. It’s as if all of nature knows that this night, is different. Quiet descends over this night for me. Nature is quiet, my mind and soul do not stir in the quietness and I contemplate the Crucifixion, I pray silently waiting in the darkness of this night for Easter morning.  Into the darkness we are plunged for a world without the Lord is empty and dark. So we watch, pray and wait.

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