Philosophy Skin Care Review

Beauty Review

Hi everyone. For the last almost five months I’ve been using a certain skin care line and today I would like to give you a small review on it. I waited so long because I wanted to be sure I knew what I was writing about and now I can give you an honest opinion.

The skin care line I’ve been using is by Philosophy and it’s the line “Hope in a Jar” for dry skin. I also used the Eye Cream but I inadvertently threw it out before I snapped this photo.


Thoughts on the day cream: The day cream is thin but not super thin and has some scent to it but nothing overpowering and it does go away after a little time. I did find it to be hydrating as well. It takes some time to dry down and to penetrate so if you plan on wearing this under makeup just remember you’ll have to wait until it dries down but once it does, there is no interference with makeup application.

Thoughts on the night cream: This night cream is on the thick side and doesn’t have much of a scent to it at all. There is a slight scent but you hardly do notice it. It takes a little bit of effort to get it all worked into the skin because of the thickness but it is also very hydrating.

Final thoughts. Pro’s and Con’s. I think this is a very nice line.

Pro : I like the texture of both creams and the hydration it brought to my skin.

Cons: The day cream does not have an SPF in it. This line feels overly greasy to me and takes a long time to dry down. The night cream feels like it never fully dries nor penetrates. I like waking up in the morning with a dewy feel to my skin but this night cream still feels greasy in the morning. I think the biggest con with this line though is the price. The Day Cream is $39.00 US for 2.o oz and The Night Cream $49.00 US for 2.0 oz. Both of these can be purchased at Philosophy‘s own website and through 

Personal Findings: I did not find either of these products to do any more or less for my skin than a drugstore brand skin care.

If you have severely dry skin you may absolutely love this line. While my skin is on the dry side it’s not terribly dry. Please remember that this is just my own experience with these products. You may absolutely love them as everyone’s skin is different.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have used this line or plan to please tell me your experience in the comments.

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