Spring Flower Arrangement


Today I thought I’d share with you a Spring flower arrangement I made for my home. I just love Spring and nothing says Spring more to me than beautiful Tulips, green grass and leaves and Easter!

Supplies you’ll need.

A vase, canister, etc. Something to put your arrangement in. I chose to use my vintage watering can.

Artificial flowers

Florist Moss

Wire Snips


Directions: Simply arrange your flowers in any way you choose to. I did not need to use the wire snips as the flowers I bought were bunched together in a way that it was near impossible to separate them .


Then I just added some moss to the arrangement and I was done.


I had some left over flowers so I decided to make a small arrangement in an old bottle I’ve had to put in my living room.


Seeing my vintage watering can full of Spring flowers makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. The little things in life usually do.

I hope you’ll make a Spring arrangement for yourself this year!


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