CeraVe Skin Care Review

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Hi everyone. Today I wanted to bring you a small review on a skin care line that can be purchased in any drug store or Walmart for a decent price . For about a year I used the CeraVe line of skin care before taking five months off to try  a different line. If you’re interested in what line I tried you can check out this post. While I enjoyed the second line I tried, I found that the CeraVe line seemed to offer me the same benefits as the higher priced line. The products I currently use in this line are the AM Cream, PM Cream and the Eye Cream . I will also be adding the Serum at a later date once I become more familiar with it.


The AM Moisturizer is a very nice thin lotion with an SPF of 30. I find that while it does have a scent its barely noticeable and if you do detect it, it’s so slight that within minutes it’s gone. I also like that this does not feel greasy on my skin and dries down quickly in the morning I can then get straight to applying my makeup for the day. It does keep my skin moisturized throughout the day and sits nicely under my makeup without causing any shifting of my foundation. One of the other benefits I like about this day moisturizer is when I am using a drug store brand foundation it creates a nice barrier between my skin and the foundation so that the foundation doesn’t seep into my pores as much.

The PM Moisturizer has a nice thick texture to it. Not overly thick but just a nice rich texture. It seeps into my skin quite well and leaves it feeling hydrating and cool. It dries down after a while and when I wake in the morning my skin feels hydrated but not greasy. The PM moisturizer does not have any scent at all.

The Eye Repair Cream has a bit of a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. I do not find that I have to tug nor pull on my sensitive eye area in order to get this eye cream to penetrate and it has a quick dry time.

Personal Findings: While I am not under the illusion that any kind of skin cream will be a miracle in a bottle because none are, I do however like to see even a subtle difference in my skin. The two biggest changes I see in my skin with this line is the furrow lines which are the lines between your eyebrows often referred to as “11’s”are not as deep, not as noticeable and smoother. My skin texture also seems to be a bit smoother and my face also feels more hydrated.

Pricing: Pricing for these products can vary depending on where you buy from but in this post I have provided links to the items where I have found the lowest price for each. I don’t believe that something has to be expensive to be good and just because it’s good doesn’t mean it should be expensive.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have used this line or intend to please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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