The Lords Day


When most think about fasting they think of food but there are many forms of fasting. Being that we are in the season of Lent I thought I would give you some idea’s about Fasting and why you should or would.

Why should we or would we fast? The answer to this is very simple. For love of the Lord. For everything He gave for us, for everything He still does for us we can surely do one thing for Him and that would be to deny ourselves something we truly enjoy, offer it to the Lord as a gift so He may use it as He wishes or ask Him to use it for forgiveness of our sins, or for someone else’s health or situation. Fasting is pleasing to God.

Do we have to do this every day? Well that’s purely a personal choice but for Catholic Christians we do fast for forty days just as the Lord did in the desert. We can also give something up (fasting) daily for the Lord as well if we chose.

What can we fast from? Again, this is purely a personal choice but I can tell you it doesn’t have to be food. It can be anything that you enjoy, anything that distracts you from the Lord such as, cutting back on social media, give up buying coffee once a week and add that money to your tithe. Fast from watching too much television or movies. Fast from some recreational time and instead spend that time with the Lord in prayer, reading scripture etc.

So you see, fasting doesn’t have to just consist of food but it should be something that isn’t ‘easy’ for you to fast from. Fast from something difficult for you which is a deep act of love for the Lord.

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