Thrifting Gems

Hidden Gems (1)

Who loves thrifting? I do! Two weeks ago me and the Mr went out on a Saturday morning and decided to hit some of the local thrift shops. Not much was found. There was one shop we had been really interested in going into. They have just opened in a building that used to house a very large furniture store. I had also been following them on Facebook and the items they posted always looked interesting and nice.
I figured it was an upscale thrift shop that didn’t take a lot of junk as many of them do. Sadly, most of the shops in my area look like nothing more than yard sales in a building. A lot of old dirty junk. So we ventured into this new shop and it was huge. Lots and lots of space and….
Lots and lots of junk! Yep. Disappointment but sometimes you have to dig through all that thrift shop disappointment because you may come across a hidden gem. And I did!.
Once I got past all the dust and the smell that reminded of a musty basement that hadn’t seen the light of day or the fresh air in fifty years I found this little ‘diamond in the rough’.
20170216_094045 (1)
She was a little rough, covered in dirt but I just thought this little vase was so pretty and feminine. The moment I saw it I knew exactly where I would put it. On my dresser on the tray that reminds me of my mom. I cleaned her up and she sparkled and now sits among the items I hold dear to my heart..
Everyone once in a while you do find a hidden gem among the rubble.
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