They Don't Make Em Like They Used To!

Hi Everyone! I know it’s been like….for….everrrrrrr….since I put up a post but I’m back!..

This past weekend Mr and I stopped at a local, smallish classic car show. I have been a car fanatic since a very young age. I don’t know why but I’ve always been drawn to cars and yes well, speed too but that’s a whole other topic for a whole other day. I love old cars..While new cars are nice, to me, they aren’t ‘real’ cars. I like METAL around me not fiberglass. I want to open the hood and see a big old honkin air cleaner etc. Nowadays you open the hood of a car and you see something comparable to a sewing machine and I can’t even find the dipstick for the oil!. I like cars going all the way back to the Thirties on up to the early Nineteen Eighties. So while we were there I took some photos and I thought I’d share them with you. I hope you enjoy some of these beauties.













And, last but most certainly not least is my absolute dream car… A 1968 Chevy Camaro. I have wanted one of these for so many years I can’t even count them. This one was an absolute beauty! The owner wasn’t so I couldn’t get many good shot but the car, I have no words! 



This my friends is what a REAL engine looks like! 



New Sig


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