My Favorite Things

Today I wanted to share something that is a favorite thing of mine. In the past year I have been slowly downsizing the amount of “stuff” I have in my home because like many others I jumped on the KonMarie Method last year. I honestly didn’t real the entire book but enough to get the gist of it and while I didn’t agree with everything she said I did take some good advice and that was, if you truly don’t love something you own, get rid of it. This believe it or not does work. It has made, so far, two rooms in my home an absolute pleasure for me to be in because I am surrounded by items that I do truly love and love to look at. Today I want to bring you one of those items. 


Yes, this is a very old watering can that I found at a local thrift shop about two years ago. I love all things old farm, old country, etc. The water spout is rusted and the metal is chalky feeling but it has that, ‘era gone by’ feel to it and I love it. I went to my local Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and bought some new fall flowers and now it’s the center piece of my dining room table. I get some much pleasure every morning when I sit at the table to have my coffee. I look at this old watering can and think about who owned it. Obviously it was well loved. Was it on a farm? Did an older woman who used to water her flowers each morning own this? Did it hang from a nail in someone’s barn? Did it sit on the back porch of someone’s old country home? So many things to wonder about as I sit and enjoy my piece. I hope you enjoy it too. 

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Robyn, absolutely beautiful love old things repurposed……sooo beautiful. It is wonderful to have something that we love to look at I totally get it…..hope you have a wonderful evening… you…..xoxo…Debbie


  2. Beautiful flower arrangement!!
    I love quilts, vintage items and things in my home that make me feel cozy, secure and happy.
    Thank you for your great blog(s)….really enjoy them.
    Jodi xoxo


  3. Oh I love it , I swear every ten years my taste changes , when we moved into our new house i basically bought all new stuff because i got tired of the old, now i’m feeling it again wanting to throw everything out lol…….


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