Burning Money


Yep. See that photo up there? Thats exactly what I feel like has been happening to us since the beginning of the new year. I had finally come to terms with my “spending problem” last year and decided that 2016 (some of us learn a little late in life) would be the year I would get my financial house in order, well as in order as possible at this point. I would stop shopping every time I saw something I liked. I would stop impulse buying. I would stop allowing myself to be sucked into buying the latest and greatest beauty item being pushed by almost every YouTuber in the beauty community on YouTube. Yes, this would be the year  we would get our act together and act like financially responsible adults. Hmm, you know that old saying about how “men plan and God laughs?” Well, He must have been laughing pretty hard when I decided all this because this year has been anything but being able to ‘tame the dollar’.

In fact, we are just hemorrhaging money this year and here we are halfway through 2016 and the savings account I envisioned is no where to be found and, we are so tight in our budget that we can’t breath. Wondering if it’s because I couldn’t control my spending? Well, believe it or not, that is not the reason why. For once in my life it’s not why. What is causing this? I don’t know.. Life? Fate? Someone have a curse on us? Let me give you a small list. 

In January our antiquated air conditioning and heating unit finally blew for the last time. We trusted a very “untrustworthy” person to give us a ‘deal’ on a unit that was only ‘two years’ old to the tune of $2500.00 US. Course, we were just starting out saving so we only had $1300.00 but our best friend lent us the rest. Long story short, the “trustworthy” man turned out to be a snake in the grass, ripped us off in a big way, ended up giving us back $1300.00 of the $2500.00 and washed his hands of the ‘two year old unit’.

Welcome July. One of the hottest months in the year here in the South in the middle of a heat wave and our ‘new to us two year old unit that was really SEVENTEEN years old” yes you read that right,(thats a whole other story for a different day) decided to blow all together. Yep, needed ANOTHER new unit. This time we had no where to go. Thankfully a very loving family member lent us money to buy a brand spanking new Air Conditioning / Heating unit but it is costing us $4500.00 US. So we are now in debt along with the rest of our debt for $4500.00

Oh June was a banner month also. Toby, one of our pitbull mixes was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and needed surgery to the tune of $2000.00. So, we are now also paying off a $2000.00 vet bill as well on top of the other debt we have. We live on a fixed income and don’t really have any way of making ‘extra money’ other than to sell items we own which, I have been trying to do but am not being successful. We are in slang terms, completely tapped out. So much so that we can’t hardly breath and the water is now up to the middle of our eyeballs. 

I’ve been wondering why I have been in a slump for about a month and now that I’ve written all this down, no wonder I’m in a slump!.. I get tired of life constantly beating the crap out of us..How about you? 

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One thought on “Burning Money

  1. Bless your heart, you have such a sweet and kind way about you and love for animals is right up there with St. Francis of Assisi. I’ve had horrible times just like that. I don’t know why these trials and tribulations hit us with a slam, but they do. I use to think it’s to test our faith, but if we already have faith then why does it need testing?? Times I thought I would lose everything, praying for guidance, praying for God to give me whatever I need to trust Him more, for strength and courage. I prayed for Him to change me to the person He wants me to be. I know I’m still a work in progress. But I ask the same question. Is it fate or just something I have to go thru or really I don’t know what. I believe this would be a really good discussion for all of us Christians to have here online. Robyn their a way to do this online or is it silly? It probably is silly. Well, we’re praying for both of you. How did Lou’s Dr appointment go??


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