The Lords Day


This is a prayer that is easily said but hard to do. Through prayer it can be achieved because being able to physically do this is a grace that must come from God Himself. So if you are struggling, ask Him. He will answer you.. Most of all.. Trust in Him…

I usually don’t add anything else to my Sunday posts but being this is also Mothers day I wanted to wish all the moms, grandmoms and step moms a very happy and blessed Mothers Day. You are the rock and foundation of the family. You are the glue that holds it all together.. Enjoy your day! 

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4 thoughts on “The Lords Day

  1. Robyn, just catching up with your blog……I love what an inspiration you are to all of us…..thank you for always reminding me of Jesus’s love for me and how I should be turning to him for everything….love you…..Debbie


  2. Hi Robyn, I am really enjoying your blog. And, thank you, for sharing your love for our Lord and Savior.. Be well and be blessed, Dori


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