Favorite Things Friday

Hello friends.

Today is Friday and I wanted to start a new series on my blog called Favorite Things Friday. Each Friday I will bring to you something I have in my life that I love. I hope you will enjoy this series. Without further ado let’s get to this weeks favorite things. 


I realize some may find dolls creepy but this pair of dolls are very close to my heart. My Mom (God rest her soul) made these back in 1976. Back then ceramics class was a big thing. We lived in a small town so most of the ladies in town went one night a week. They began this project which took them three months to complete. I was six years old in 1976 but I can still remember as if it were yesterday my mom and her best friend would go on Monday nights and be there for hours on end working on these handmade dolls. My mom made a boy and a girl to represent me and my brother Billy. The detail is amazing an they’ve held up very well over the years considering how many times we moved. 


Our outfits are all made from real material including my brothers suspenders and hat and his buttons are also real. 


On my doll as you can see, the lace as well as the ribbons and hair are all made from material that they soaked in some kind of hardener. She is a little worse for wear but she’s old like me. As I stated above the detail on this pair of dolls is amazing and it was painstakingly tedious .


I don’t dare use any kind of harsh cleaner on them except once in a while I will go over them gently with a soft tooth brush and a mild dish washing soap. I also don’t want to remove the patina on the clothing either. 

As a side note, we used to tease my brother all the time because the head on his doll up until a few years ago when I finally fixed it used to fall forward like it was going to fall off so I would look at my brothers doll and say to myself “Bill! whats the matter with you have you lost your head!”….

My mom has been gone from this life for just about seventeen years (still can’t believe that) but I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all those Monday nights in 1976 when she missed bedtime because she left to me something that not only do I appreciate for it’s art but pieces that are filled with memories for me. Thank you Mom..

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