3 thoughts on “Play That Funky Music White Boy….

  1. OH Robyn…sister from another mister…LOL! That is the first time I have ever used that slang. Throwing in a little current slag to go with the lyrics of Play That Funky Music you have running through my head. I am going through the exact same thing. I am truly limiting which videos I watch, because they are boring and superficial. The truth is, when people over shop and over spend, they are lacking in other areas of their life. It’s a crutch to try and fix what is wrong elsewhere. I am going through HELL with my health right now (this week is BAD), but even during the really rough times, there is nothing in a store or online that is more valuable to me then time spent with my husband at home.


    1. I hear ya sister, I hear ya.. Im sorry you’re feeling so badly but I do understand.. You know Im here if you want to talk.. Just call, text etc.. Sending my love.. Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting too! 🙂 XO


  2. I hear you Robyn!! It’s been a while I’ve been bored with haul, makeup/beauty, shop-shop-and-more-shopping videos. Seriously. It’s indeed all about showing what someone bought and in my mind I go, who cares? I guess many folks do, I don’ know. And that’s fine, but I need something more than just shopping for the hell of it. It does feel very superficial and unnecessary indeed. I certainly don’t have money to be shopping just to make videos about what I got and even if I did, I don’t think I would as I don’t like to be wasteful and vain. Why keep buying things that we are not going to live long enough to even use them all. I’m totally over the beauty/cosmetics vlogging frenzy on YouTube (watching them videos or making them). I bought more makeup than I’ll live to use it all and now I don’t even know what to do with all I have. I may just donate some things to some poor/needed women back in Brazil who would die for all the wastes we have around here. I’m more into spirituality (have always been) and these type of subject — sharing what I’ve learned and what has helped me — is what I’ve been inspired to do for several months now. It all started with me sharing some thoughts on spiritual matters (in a vlog format) and posting on my Portuguese speaking channel and I soon found a whole crowd of people (mostly women) interested in knowing more and how to make their life more internally and emotionally/spiritually fulfilling. I soon discovered a large group of people feeling so empty inside and without direction in life and it pleases me more than I can describe, to know that the videos I have been making in these subjects have helped them. I receive messages almost daily from people telling me how much they enjoy these videos I’m making and how much they encourage them. Nothing could be more gratifying to me and I look forward to make those videos weekly and post them twice a week. I plan to expand this more and create a private forum where I can interact with these folks. … But yeah, I’ve lost interest in 90% that’s on YouTube and I hardly go there except to share tips that I find helpful to people, learn how to make better videos, and possibly connect with a small niche of people interested in spiritual things (which is my favorite subject in life). Not religion, but spirituality. Any way, just wanted to share these thoughts with you and let you know that you’re definitely not alone. I know at least a half dozen ladies (in my Brazilian — Portuguese-speaking — community) who feel exactly as you. We talk privately all the time and some of them are facing health issues too, which spiritual encouragement uplifts them more than they can describe. … Nice connecting here too. 🙂 xoxo


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