I had a very hmmm, interesting? ordeal with my bank last week. I say interesting because I am trying to be nice (note the sarcasm). So I thought I would put up a post for anyone else who doesn’t know what I am going to tell you..

I have been having a problem with a company I have an automatic withdrawl with. Yes I know, most say auto withdraws are a no no but at the time it was in their contract that you had to have auto withdraw. I digress,  In November of 2013 I called my bank and asked them to put a stop payment on this company. I gave them the company name plus the amount, paid my $10.00 fee and was told that it would not be paid from now on. Okay great I thought!.. Ech hem,… fast forward to January 2014.

In January of 2014 I sat down one day and looked at my online banking to make sure everything was hunky dory and to my shock I saw that there was an auto withdraw from this same company for not the original amount but now it was for DOUBLE the amount.. My blood began to boil and I called the bank immediately. I was told “the company sent through the auto withdraw with a different amount and since the amount was different from the original amount on the stop payment it will be paid”… I was pretty much shit out of luck. I didn’t realize that a company can put through a different amount than agreed to each month without authorization but obviously they can. So even though I was pissed enough to have smoke coming out my ears, I ate it and moved on.. 

I then asked how I put a permanent stop payment on my account so that no matter WHAT amount this company tries to withdraw it won’t be paid? I was told well then you have to do the stop payment by using the companies name, not the amount and oh yeah, that will now cost you a ..wait for it……$30.00 fee. What could I do? I had to stop this company from taking my money so I put my big girl panties on and paid the $30.00 fee. Before I hung up I checked and rechecked that I was absolutely covered and this company wouldn’t get a dime out of my account no matter what amount they put in.. “Yes, it’s all taken care of”.. and off I went.. 

Fast forward, March 2014.. I checked my balance last week and boom!! Another DOUBLE charge from this SAME company..If you thought I was pissed in January what I was last week is indescribable. People down the block probably heard my mouth. I called the bank yet again.. I got some customer service rep on the phone who by the way was this sniveling , nasty little bug I wanted to reach through the phone and squash him.. He tried to tell me that although the amount was different the company now put the charge through with a different name.. (brain spin) I said huh? How is that even possible? I could see I was getting no where with junior so I said look kid, I want a manager, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, go get your dad please.. He wasn’t happy about that but eh, what can I tell ya..

A manager got on the phone after leaving me hanging for almost 20 minutes. I’m sure that was junior just getting even with me. Before the manager began to speak I told him, I went back and looked at past statements and I see that this company did NOT use a different name to put their charge through it was exactly the same, I paid $30.00 for this not to happen and he needed to send junior back to his training wheels and what was he going to do about this? To my surprise this man was very nice and he flat out without hesitation admitted that it was the banks error. The woman I spoke to in January messed it all up, never charged the $30.00 fee and so nothing had gone through. He said that the bank would eat a new $30.00 fee and he would personally see that I got my money refunded by the next morning. I took that like someone telling me they were giving me a million dollars just because they didn’t know what to do with it…He also said he would call me in the morning to be sure all was complete. Again, I likened that to a scam email from my very very rich uncle in Africa who left me 9.5 million dollars in an oversea’s account. To my surprise, the next morning my money was back into my account and the manager did infact call me in the morning to make sure all was rectified.. Amazing huh?

That whole screw up on the banks part made me lose close to $600.00 in one fail swoop so you can understand why I was a bit Jack Nicholson in The Shining on them. I knew it wouldn’t end there though. I just know they will screw this up again in the near future because people don’t do their jobs so this morning, my husband and I went and closed the damn account and opened a new one. Now there’s absolutely no chance of this happening again…So if you’re ever in this position make sure you check, double check and triple check or it could end up costing you much more in the long run.. Big banks suck…


One thought on “Banking…Beware!

  1. I dont think auto withdrawals is bad. It’s a bit dangerous if you dont plan ahead and you lose a bit of control, but with a good safety net, it should be a breeze. I’m a control freak with my accounts, so I am not comfortable with auto withdrawals.

    Could it be the doubled amount was Dec’s (which was not withdrawn) plus Jan’s? Hence two? Friendly reminder that though CSR may do things to deserve your wrath, they’re just doing their work… nobody likes a cop that pulls them over for speeding, but they are doing their jobs.

    This company you’ve tried to stop, why are they still charging you? Couldnt you take it with them? I do check things plenty of times, but even then, a few try to sneak by. Sorry you had to deal with that for such a long time. Hopefully that’s the last you see of this issue.


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