Dangers Of YouTube


Are you a YouTube Junky like myself? I’m not sure when it happened. Sometime back around January 2013 maybe even a few months before that. I began watching this little firecracker of a girl named “Taliajoy18”. She was what is called in the beauty community on YouTube a “Beauty Guru”. What made Talia stand out was that she was only 12 years old when I found her, a self taught make up artist who had this infectious personality and among other great attributes she also had a deadly form of childhood cancer. So along with over 1 million other subscribers to her channel we would watch her daily. Sadly, Talia passed away in July of 2013.

From Talia I found “other beauty gurus” and began watching them on a daily basis. I like a lot of different things such as reading, old movies, home decorating but I really love make up and beauty so this was right up my alley. Why was it dangerous?

For the simple fact that you get almost sucked in and watching all these girls and women becomes an addiction and the need to learn of the next new beauty product thats out, watch the next new tutorial and then, you want to try the products for yourself so you go out and buy them. Before you know it you have amassed a make up collection enough for 20 women nevermind just yourself. 

This my friends is what is one of the dangers of YouTube. My makeup addiction due to watching these videos daily lasted months. I now have drawers full of makeup and nail polish, so much so I probably won’t need anymore eye shadow until 2015. Thankfully in the last six months or more my addiction to beauty videos seems to have stopped. I really just lost my interest. Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and fashion and will do a beauty review here and there on my blog but it will more than likely be something I already own or received in my Ipsy bag.. I give some of these young women credit though. Some of them have become internet famous and actually make a living off daily beauty videos enough to support a family on, have partnered with makeup companies and have endorsements with them as well. 

Since I lost my desire to keep up with the beauty community and saw what it was doing to my wallet as far as wanting to try all these new products, I have branched out to a different kind of video and community on YouTube. I started watching these kinds of videos in October of 2013. Young families, single people , older and younger make these daily vlogs where they actually video what happens in their daily lives and  are really fun to watch. I have three favorite families I love to watch, they have really young children who are so adorable. Two of the women are pregnant and one of them is pregnant with twins due this week. As you can see, if you like videos, YouTube can be fun.

So if you’re like me and you watch any kind of videos people make show casing new products etc, do yourself a favor unless you have an income with no spending limit. Pull yourself away from those video because you will get sucked in if you haven’t already..

I have another post I’d like to do on another danger of Youtube that I will post this week. I hope you liked this one and will want to read that one to 🙂


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