Tis’ The Season….

The weather here has just been so crazy!.. Last week it was SO horribly cold.. That bitter cold and now the last 3 days it’s been in the 70’s and today we may have even hit 80.. I kept the AC off in the house for as long as I could until around 7pm when it was still 81 degree’s in my house and couldn’t take it any longer.. Supposedly, “winter”, well winter for South Carolina is to come back by Sunday. We shall see..

On another note, the hub started feeling really sick yesterday(Thursday). I hadn’t been feeling well for a few days, some sinus headaches which is nothing new for me but by this morning? I was SICK… Good thing I had called the doctor to make an appointment for today (Friday) because I just “knew” it was going to get worse and sure enough it did.. By the time the man and I got to the doctor this morning we were both running a fever and just sick all over.. We got tested for the Flu but thank goodness it was negative. We both have pretty bad sinus infections so the doc put us on antibiotics.. It’s bad enough when one of us is sick leaving the other all the responsibility of things but when we’re sick together it’s just rotten but I still feel blessed.. 

Hope you all had a good day today! 🙂

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