Body Shop!

A few weeks ago I posted a review here on some make up items I purchased at Ulta. At that time I said I had also bought some body sprays and a body butter as well from the Body Shop brand and would review them for you as well. So without further ado, onto the review! 
First up is this delicious combination! 
Mango Mist and the matching body butter in Mango. I can not tell you how DELICIOUS these smell! You just want to eat them. NO! Don’t eat them but they make you want to. I love body butters. I don’t like creams or lotions because they are usually really thin and watery where as body butters have a much thicker consistency but they are also greasy. I always thought that was a bad thing until one day while watching “The Doctors” on TV, one of the dr’s said if a body butter or a lotion is not somewhat greasy then it does nothing for dry skin and you know, he’s right! In the past I had been buying a body butter with Coconut milk and Shea Butter which really, is out of the this world. It’s made in Italy from a company called “Perlier” and up until now was the only thing that helped the itchy skin that I get on my legs about two days after shaving. And I’m talking itching as in I was drawing blood from scratching so much and so hard. But, it was also $25.00 US for the tub which wasn’t all that much, not with the way I use it so I needed to find an alternative and this body butter pictured above works just as well and it’s a fraction of the cost plus, I got it on sale so I think that tub up there cost me less than $5.00. I love to layer them together. First I use the body butter all over then spray the mist and I smell so good the hubs says , nevermind, it won’t come across the correct way no matter how I write it. I’m sure you get the drift.. 
Next we have… 
Orchid – Calypso by Ulta. These smell awesome and the price above was $4.99 but the body butter was free because it was a buy one get one free. In my honest opinion, in the store these smelled A MAZE ING! but after having them at home they didn’t smell so great anymore, I mean it’s still a nice scent but I also notice it doesn’t have any staying power either. Within less than an hour you can’ smell it anymore. So lesson learned on that brand.
Next…..and lastly…
Is this Moringa Body Mist by Body Shop. I have to tell, this is… A MAZE ING!!. I absolutely LOVE this scent. I have no idea what it is but it’s fantastic and I find myself reaching for this more than the Mango. This Moringa is not too flowery, not too fruity, and not too strong.. it’s just a clean, lovely scent.. It also has great staying power as well. I would love to go back and try more of the Body Shop scents but I want to use what I have first but I will definitely be repurchasing this one. 
Have you tried any of the Body Shop scents? What do you think of them? 

2 thoughts on “Body Shop!

  1. Nope- I have not tried any of those products, Robyn. I don't do well with most fragrances because they change on me. I use some “old fashioned” products that I love, though. xo Diana


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