The Air That I Breath…..

My family came down to see me the 17th of August. Everyone was here less my oldest nephew who couldn’t get off work..

The week went well with my middle nephew and my niece but not so much with the rest but thats a whole other story and I’d rather focus on what and who was most important that week and always.. Enjoy the photos .  🙂
This is my middle guy, my most handsome Eric. It’s been close to a year since I’ve seen him
And this is me and my niece Jillianne who I have not been with in SIX years.. WAY too long and we both know it now..(as if we didn’t already but it was just driven home even deeper last week)
On this day we, Eric, Jillianne and myself spent some good quality time together. Had some tears and lots of laughs..

My niece and nephew then got this ‘brilliant” idea that “it would be fun to pick up Aunt Robby because she’s so small”..As you can see I was praying they wouldn’t drop me. I’m like my mom, I don’t like my feet off the ground but as you can also see I didn’t have a choice and I will do anything for them anyway 🙂 
Ahhh, they finally got me!.. LOL
All was going well with “this pick up” until…. my sweet girl decided she wanted to hold me by herself.. Uh yeah, wasn’t worried she would drop me, not much (insert sarcasm) and my nephew Eric kept sayin “Oh Im not getting involved in this one as Im saying “Eric don’t walk away she’s gonna drop me, she’s gonna drop me!”… Jillianne was laughing so hard she nearly did drop me but it was SO nice to see her smile and to have so much fun with them doing something so simple and silly.. By the way? She actually didn’t drop me!
As you can see my Eric is a BIG Boy!!
And….. these two children are…

The Air That I Need To Breath….

3 thoughts on “The Air That I Breath…..

  1. What a wonderful time you had with them…even if it didn't go so well with the rest of the family. Hold the best parts of the visit close to you and let the rest go- xo Diana


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