Favorite Kitchen Appliance

 I was looking around my kitchen the other day and began thinking about all my appliances and which one I love the best and why….after pondering a while, maybe too much time on my hands? I decided that I have a few but right now I am loving my … Toaster Oven! 
Obviously, I keep my napkins ontop and my little rose tea cup holds my dogs insulin needles.. So, why do I love my toaster oven? Well for one thing, in this horrible humid southern heat not having to turn on the big oven not only cuts down on the heat in the kitchen it also saves on electricity and the more I use it the more uses I find for it. So far I have cooked steaks, burgers, french fries, biscuits, cheese steaks, onion rings, toast, and pork chops in it. It cooks really great and it has a broiler pan and a rack..I find myself turning to this little oven more and more. 
Do you have a favorite kitchen appliance? 

13 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Appliance

  1. Hi Robyn :)Read your post about house of cards…due to animal owner we have to face such costs…Things happens,and that's why Dave Ramsey told us to have a “rainy day” fund. But anyway,not fun with lot of expences at the same time.best regards and hugs!/Frugal Times(a Swedish 35yrs blogs in English)


  2. Kitchen, one of the most interactive rooms in the house fan is also the most important of all rooms. Here people, appliances and even work surfaces all work together to produce meals that are nutritious and tasty and keeps the family going


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