A Day In The Life…

Welcome to my day in the life series! 

I will be putting these “day in the life” posts up once in a while giving you a peak into what happens in my days. Hope you enjoy them. 

This day in the life was done on Friday August 2nd so that meant it was also, bill paying day. Not my favorite thing to do but I’ll take it over cleaning toilets any day! 

While I was paying the bills, it was time to strip the bed and wash all the bedding. 

Later on I finally got around to hemming the curtains that have been hanging in my bedroom for three months. They were so long I had about two feet of curtain hanging on the floor. 

I tried using this new no sew liquid glue type stuff.. Fail.. Didn’t work so I went back to my no sew tape instead which worked like a charm.

Then it was time to change the sheets. 

Next up was cleaning up the master bath. How I can make such a mess just by doing my hair and getting dressed I’ll never understand it but it happens every day.

Later on after feeding all the dogs I made dinner for the hubs. 

Umm, yeah, no thats not my dinner. Bad blogger, I forgot to take a photo but this is what I made hubs for dinner that night. It just didn’t look anywhere as pretty. 

After dinner I did my usual clean up of the kitchen, washing the dishes etc and settled in for the night for bed. 

Thats just some of my day on Friday. I hope you enjoyed it. 


4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. I enjoyed seeing your town in the last post and especially enjoyed seeing how you spend an average day. I always find it interesting seeing how people live, how they spend their days…thank-you. ( thanks for the tip about the failure of the liquid sew )


  2. Hi Kathy, You're welcome about the liquid sew. I was disappointed. I wanted it to work but it was a major….FAIL…..Im glad you like seeing a little bit of my area and thank you for coming by 🙂 RobynXO


  3. It certainly was.. It does get boring every now an again though.. I would like a week off of all the normal routine stuff so I can get to the other things I have to put off to get the routine stuff done.. Hmm.. LOL did that make sense? Thanks for always coming by Diana :)RobynXO


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