Some Of My Favorite Things….

It’s no secret to those who know me, also know how much I want to move back north to be by my family. I spent quite a few years here being miserable wanting nothing to do with my home in the South. Finally a few years ago I decided, with the help of Gods grace, since I can not change my circumstances at the moment I may as well try and enjoy it. In doing so I have found a few things I like about where I am living and today I thought I’d share just a few. There are more but for now, just a few. Enjoy. 

I love that we have a little frog pond in our front yard and sometimes we are lucky enough to have a Water Lilly bloom and today, one did. I think she’s beautiful.

This is the bridge that brings you into my town. I live in a historic town by the way so there are quite a few places and things I have found that I fancy. This bridge is one of them. I love the lamp posts. They line each side of the bridge and at night they look so pretty all lit up.

I also love that church steeple in the distance. 

Then there is this church that I simply adore. I think it’s a Presbyterian Church. I’ve never been inside but I may ask if I could go in and take photos one day. It was built in the early 1800’s.  I just think it looks so quaint. 

Across the street from this church is a house called “Encore House” it’s another one of my favorite things. This house was built in the early 1800’s as well and people can tour it. I haven’t yet but I will be. It’s so country, it’s the kind of place I would love to own. Sorry the photo isn’t that great but I was in the car when I took it. I will get better photos when I visit it. 

These are just a few of my favorite things here where I live. Next time I will share more with you. 

7 thoughts on “Some Of My Favorite Things….

  1. Hi Robyn,Just found your blog and was reading thru some of the past posts. This one about wanting to be back north struck a cord with me. My husband and I are both from MA, but due to his military career have been moving all around the country, mainly down south. I have spent years wishing to be home, and this past year, actually came home while he is stationed overseas. To say this has been a difficult transition is an understatement. People's lives have gone on while we've been gone (of course), but trying to fit back into the routine here has been difficult. The cost of living is so much higher and I miss the gentler side of people and way of life. Go figure huh? All these years I had a dream of being back, and now that I am, at least temporarily, I'm thinking that I just don't fit in here anymore. Please don't waste any more time wishing your life away, enjoy where you are while you are there. Take it from someone who completely understands.


  2. We have a lot of crickets here too and I love crickets. I think they're adorable.. Ok so call me strange.. LOL I love it when the weather finally cools down here and I can open my windows at night and just listen to them.Robyn XO


  3. Im slowly blooming.. Don't know if I'll ever fully flower but I”m trying :)…We do have some wonderful old buildings here. I want to get inside of the old courthouse and take some photos inside one of the court rooms I was.. The architecture if from the early 1800's and it's amazing.It even has a gallery up top where colored people had to sit in those days, the woodworking is amazing.. I really need to get over there.. Thanks for coming by Jen! 🙂 RobynXO


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