Heavy And Broken Heart….

This post has been difficult for me to write because I had a hard time finding the right words and I hope you’ll read it in it’s entirety because I have some important things, important to me that I need to get out.
For those who read my blog and remember me posting about a little girl named Talia Joy Castellano, YouTube name : TaliaJoy18 ……it is with a very heavy and broken heart I share with you that Talia Joy passed away Tuesday July 16, 2013 at 11:22 am at Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital in Florida.
Talia began fighting neuroblastoma when she was age seven. She quickly lost all her hair, her eye brows and eye lashes and thats when she discovered her love of makeup. Talia never liked the idea if a wig so her motto became
“Makeup is my wig” and so in that same year she became a professional makeup artist having taught herself all the tricks of the trade and accomplishing different makeup looks that take some women a lifetime to learn. She then created a YouTube channel in which to share her makeup video’s, her cancer updates and just silly things little girls like to do. Because of her enormous magnetic personality, Talia became a YouTube sensation and celebrity with over One Million subscribers.

As you can see by these photos, Talia was extremely talented. 
You can see one of her Makeup tutorial video’s here and then watch the rest if you’d like. 

In 2012 one of Talia’s biggest dreams was to meet Ellen Degenrous and it came true. 
and at that time CoverGirl Cosmetics who Ellen was representing made Talia and honorary CoverGirl.

This photo appeared in the April 2013 edition of People Magazine. 
But Talia’s world was not just celebrity and makeup. The reality was, behind that beautiful smile and extraordinary talent, Talia had a very aggressive childhood cancer and spent a large portion of her six year battle in the hospital. 
One of Talia’s biggest goals she wanted to accomplish was to help other children like herself cope with cancer and she also wanted to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Research. So, she teamed up with Truth365. You can visit their website here
This organization is not part of any government research for the simple and horrifying fact that less than 4% of the annual budget for cancer research each year go to childhood cancers. The treatment these children are receiving today is over 20 years old and archaic at best. Truth365 has gotten together what they call “The Dream Team” which consists of several doctors who want to help children like Talia not only battle but live. Almost every dime of the donations they receive with the exception of approximately $0.20 goes to this team of doctors who are conducting their own research to find cures for these children without having to go through the red tape and hoops the government puts other organizations through. They are making a difference. I don’t usually promote any kind of groups or organizations on my blog but this one, is very dear to my heart.. 

I think about all the mothers and fathers out there who everyday, like Talia’s mother tonight, have sat there and watched their children die from cancers that no one is interested in because ‘there isn’t enough money in it’. The mothers who carried their children in their wombs for nine months, gave birth to these children and then only to watch them suffer sometimes for a few years and then have to bury them. Losing anyone we love is a tragedy but I believe that losing a child is the worst thing that could ever befall a parent. After that there isn’t anything that could be any worse. So if you feel inclined, please visit TheTruth365.org and check them out .

As for our sweet Talia, there is so much that can be said about her.. For a child of only 13 she was, beautiful not only on the outside but the inside as well, amazingly talented, had a spark and personality that was just magnetic and instantly drew you in, she was funny and silly as all little girls should be but, at the same time she was mature and wise way beyond her years and at times wiser than a lot of adults I know.. Talia was sent here for a reason and I believe it was because she accomplished something besides anything else she did.. She brought hundreds of thousands of people together for one reason. Love. Pure love. If you have visited her FaceBook page you can see that for yourself. 

Talia possessed in her tiny body an enormous light in this world and tonight, our world is a much darker and sadder place without her but at the same time, we have all been blessed by the gift of her life and the chance to get to know such a extraordinary child. 

Talia my sweet angel, rest in peace. The pain and sickness are no more. Let your Spirit soar through the heavens to heights unbeknownst. You wanted to leave your mark on this world and you have. In the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. We love you and will never forget you.. 

“Just keep swimming”.

5 thoughts on “Heavy And Broken Heart….

  1. Saw that. Such, such sad news. No child should ever have to go through such things. Beautiful person she was, and still is, inspiring people all over.


  2. Robyn- I just heard about this earlier today. So very sad- the only blessing is that she is in Heaven and past all pain and sorrow. She will be aglow with the love of God now. xo Diana


  3. Oh robyn, I remember when you first told us about Talia. So sad that her life was so short. She was such a beauty! It's easy that her light shown inside as well as out. I'm sure Heavenly Father wrapped his arms around her. Sounds as though her life of only 13 years touched many.hugs,Jann


  4. What a beautiful young lady who left a HUGE impact on so, so many. She will forever be remembered for her positive, uplifting spirit while facing such a wretched illness. When you think you are having a rough day/week/month, remember Talia. RIP beautiful girl.


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