For A Friend. Finally….

For months now in some of my posts here and there I’ve been talking about a knitting project I was working on. It took me like 7 months to complete because I am a newbie at knitting so I am learning different kinds of stitching and what certain terms mean etc. Plus, I didn’t work on it full time. Only when I had some spare time which in my house is not a lot. So, it took quite a while but I am finally finished and since I don’t believe he reads my blog I can now show you what I have been working on.. 

Not the best lighting. Sorry about that. Each square has a different pattern to it. This lapghan is for a friend of mine who has been going through chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with blood cancer back sometime last year. He is also a priest and a wonderful priest at that but the parish where he served and the area he lives in is very isolated. Isolation and illness do not serve each other well. It can make one lonely, depressed, feeling unloved. I’ve been there myself in my twenty years of chronic illness. So, I made this lapghan for him to use when he goes to chemo if he would like.
If  you notice up ontop there a few squares that are put together incorrectly. Not perfectly. I did that as a reminder that none of us are perfect but we are perfectly loved. I also hope that everytime he uses this lapghan he will remember that each stitch was stitched with love and that he is loved and cared for by many…

12 thoughts on “For A Friend. Finally….

  1. Oh what a lovely and thoughtful gift. You are so right about illness and isolation. I hope he can keep himself warm with the afghan and the tangible reminder he is not alone. You're very sweet.


  2. I'm not a knitter so I definitely think you did a fantastic job on the lapghan and I certainly like the sentiment behind it. None of us is perfect. I hope that your gift will bring your friend much comfort and healing. God bless, Tammy


  3. Robyn, what a special gift. I love the representation of the mismatched squares. I'm sure he will love it and you will be blessed for your wonderful kindness. Hope you are feeling well.hugs,Jann


  4. My eyebrow went up when I saw the corner… but then I read your reason and was blown away! What a beautiful reminder and thoughtful gift.Love, love, love the oddly placed square! I'm going to “borrow” that idea.


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