My Mantle..

A few years ago, OK more than a few, I got this wild idea.. I really stole the idea from my old neighbors my brain doesn’t work that fast.  Our fireplace mantle was white. Its what the builder put in. I got tired of looking at it and I saw what my neighbors had done. They bought this spray paint that makes whatever you put it on look like concrete. I liked! that idea. I went out and bought a dark gray color because at the time our walls were a very light color. When it was done it looked really nice.. Then a few years later, I decided we needed to pain the den. I wanted a different more rich color on the walls so now the den and the fireplace looked like this.. 

Yeah not the best looking color combo.. Well, finally about two weeks ago I couldn’t stand it anymore and I wanted to get rid of this dark color because I also plan on repainting the walls again in the near future. I don’t know what color the walls would be but you can’t go wrong with white right?..So I got to work. 

Taped everything up and got to painting.. It took three coats but I finally finished it. 

While I still don’t like the wall color anymore I do however like the mantle much better in white.. Next week I think I’ll go down to Lowes and look at some paint colors for the walls.. 

7 thoughts on “My Mantle..

  1. When you first said that you got tired of looking at the white mantle I had to snicker. I had my basement mantle painted white. I have been wanting a white mantle ever since I left mine in my previous home. Then I saw that you went back to white. I love it! Really brightens the room up. Curious to see what color you choose for the walls.hugs,Jann


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