Treasures Of The Heart…..

In the last year or so I’ve been doing what I guess would be called ‘decluttering’.. When I look at something I’ve had forever I ask myself, have I used this in the last year? Have I seen it in the last year? Do I need it? Is there any sentimental value to it that I absolutely can not give it up? Most things I have been able to toss or donate..Until…………….last week… We have had a box in our one spare room closet for ten years. Just one of those boxes that you never look in. You see it in there but just for whatever reason ignore it and close the door again.. Well Mr. Lou and I decided we need to start emptying the closets and last week we finally pulled out the ‘mystery box’ and I am SO super glad we did.. Here is what I found..

To some she is just an old music box with some cracks in it.. To me, she is my Mom.. This belonged to my mom and she kept this sweet ballerina girl on her dresser always.. When I found it I had to choke back the tears.. I quickly took her out, cleaned her all up and now she is on my dresser where she belongs and she still plays music too. I see her every night and each time I do I am reminded of the Mom who I miss more than mere words could even begin to explain. This is part of what life is all about. The pieces that don’t have much monetary value but to you they are priceless.. She is a treasure of my heart…

4 thoughts on “Treasures Of The Heart…..

  1. Oh Robyn, just reading this made me have to choke back the tears. I can imagine how I would have felt to find something special of my own sweet mothers. It is a cherished treasure my friend!hugs,Jann


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