What a Difference An Hour Makes..

My goodness, it surely did for me!.. Sunday I was all messed up with the time change.. I was an hour behind in everything..I don’t know why but in the last few years the time change has really been bothering me. Is it a ‘getting older thing?”
It never used to bother me before but in these last few years it takes me a few days to ‘get with it’.. I really am starting to believe that time changes really need to go.. Personally, I think we should stick to an hour more of daylight and never change the clocks again.. What do you think? Has the time change affected you in any way?

3 thoughts on “What a Difference An Hour Makes..

  1. I've noticed the same thing over the last few years. I hate to say it's a getting older thing, I'd rather say, it's all the distractions. Yeah…that's my story. LOL… I was the same way this past Sunday and Monday…I was wiped out. It didn't help matters that we were at the Honey's sister's house staying over for a trip to the doctor early in the morning. So I was out of my own element too. take care, hope you catch up! Pat


  2. Hello! Actually for me I LOVE it when the time changes in the spring (don't like the Fall one!) as I love the extra day light. I am a morning person in the first place, so I don't struggle with getting less sleep. Somehow I seem to stay awake and active longer when it is lighter later too…just all around, I like it. Weird I know! haha Hope you had a good day!


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