There Once Was A Ring.. The Beginning of Us..

Yep, there surely was..then there were two, then three etc… In the beginning, (no this isn’t about the book of Genesis but this post may be as long) Mr Lou and I were dirt poor broke.. When we got together both our lives were pretty much a mess in all area’s.. You could say we were a “hot mess”.. add to that, that we had almost no money. We moved into an old home in a town called Fair Lawn in NJ. First we took the upstairs apartment which had been redone. Small but it was nice and then the bottom floor became available and it had 3 bedrooms instead of 1 which we needed because at  the time my 14 year old step daughter was living with us also. Before we moved downstairs, we were sleeping on the floor or on a futon  We had no bed, no mattress or anything.

One day, not too long after we moved in together we decided this was insane. We needed a bed. I got tired of being squeezed between Lou and a dresser that I would constantly kick with my knee during the night, every night. You can imagine what my one knee looked like all the time.

So off we went. We stopped at a storage unit on Rt. 46 in Lodi, NJ because ‘some guy’ was advertising new mattresses. We had $300.00 to our name and the mattress and box spring were only $150.00.. Nope, I didn’t question where it came from nor how it got there I simply didn’t care. All I knew was we needed it and we could afford it. So, we bought it.. What does this have to do with a ring? Im getting to it..

That same afternoon driving up the highway with mattress on the roof we decided to stop at the Willowbrook Mall (those from Jersey know all these places) and window shop. Heck, we had no money but it was nice to look anyway. Mr Lou pulled into a parking spot an just sat there. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong but for some reason I didn’t say anything. Thats huge for me because Im always saying something Finally, Mr Lou broke the silence and said “So, you want to get married?” (honestly, I’ve been proposed to on four occasions and this was the most unromantic yet most honest proposal I’d ever had an my answer was equally honest and simple) I said “yeah, I do”.. Next thing I know we are standing in Macy’s looking at rings.. Gold and diamonds were no where near as expensive as they are today but when you only have $150.00 in your pocket those rings might as well have been a million dollars. So we sauntered on over to the “cubic zircon” counter and it was there I fell in love with a ring. Not too expensive, no the diamond in the middle was not real nor were the ones down the side but I loved it and it was affordable and I knew Mr Lou wanted me to have a ring. So we settled on that one and bought it..

Over the years, I have no idea what on earth happened to this ring but it looked like it had been hit by a mac truck, it was so misshapen  the crystals on the sides were falling out and the big zircon in the middle was so loose you could spin it. I tried for a long time to have it fixed but every jeweler I went to said “no this can’t be fixed” I was heart broken but I had to accept it. That started the parade of rings as I like to call it..

This is replacement ring number one.

Which I wore for many years but it wasn’t “my ring”..
Next up, replacement ring number two because I was getting bored with number one. 

Also very pretty but again, not “my ring” which lead to replacement ring number 3.

Now this ring is special to me because Mr Lou always said he would buy me real diamonds one day (not that I needed them) and so he did. The only trouble with this ring is, the size it too small and it’s more a wedding band than an engagement ring. I plan on having it sized up and wearing it on another finger..

Two weeks ago I FINALLY found someone with enough guts to fix my original ring which I got back just today and here she is in all her beauty.

No she doesn’t have much monetary value, and no her stones are not real but to me? She is absolutely priceless and I can not tell  you how wonderful it feels to have it back on my finger and to look down and see it and remember that sweet, yet most unusual although honest proposal fifteen years ago….

13 thoughts on “There Once Was A Ring.. The Beginning of Us..

  1. Cool story and I do love that first ring–glad you were able to get it fixed! Speaking of bedbugs my husband has been doing a lot of traveling for work and he said the hotel he has had to stay at had had bed bugs reported. So far he has not brought any home, but he does not want to stay at that place any more. We always worry about bedbugs since they are growing in reported numbers in the hotels in the USA. A friend of mine got them while visiting New York City and had a HORRIBLE time trying to rid her home of them. She had pros in, but still had to get rid of a ton of stuff. I do not ever want to deal with it!! nOOOOO! When I was young they had them once at the college I attended and I had a bed which had been moved from the boys dorm. My bed was loaded!! They thought I had hives! When we discovered what the real problem was they had to burn that bed because it was so badly invested. It made me sick thinking about all of those bugs. They had thought I had hives from nerves and I kept telling them I surely do not feel nervous! Ha—I moved out of that dorm. They traced the infestation to a summer camp they had held at the college.


  2. Hi Diana, As I said in my post I've been engaged four times and married twice.. The only engagement and marriage thats lasted and is completely 'real' is this one with the completely unscripted proposal and marriage ceremony.. Maybe thats where I went wrong before.. LOL Thank you so much for coming by and commenting and for the follow too! 🙂 Robyn


  3. What a wonderful, wonderful story. I have a similar unromantic- “let's get married” story and I didn't even getmy wedding ring until we were married over a year- long story. Anyway, I am so tickled you found me and commented today- Now I can follow you back. Blessings to you- xo Diana


  4. Thats exactly it Noreen.. It doesn't matter if it came from a gumball machine.. It is part of my heart so therefor priceless to me.. Thank you so much for coming by! 🙂


  5. LOL! You're too much Holly, thats why I love you.. LOL…Mine will be full of dirt is spring EVER arrives here!! and Im sure your hands are as beautiful as the rest of you..


  6. O gosh can you imagine? We had so much stuff going on when we first met if we had to deal with bed bugs I surely would have ran away to a deserted island .. LOL….Your first ring sounds beautiful! 🙂


  7. I enjoyed this story! All the rings are soo pretty, but I can surely see why that first one is soo special for you. Hope you and your hubby are feeling better. Enjoy your day!


  8. I love this story! First of all, I was so afraid you were going to say that either the mattress had bed bugs or that while you were in the mall someone stole the mattress off the top of the car. All the rings are beautiful! The first engagement ring that Brian bought for me was his birth stone (aquamarine) and I love it. He recently bought me a princess cut diamond engagement ring to replace it and I still love them both.


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