Old Enemies..

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in quite a bit but, I’ve have had quite a few things going on.. I will try and keep this post to a minimum because I know it can quite boring to some reading a novel..
As to the name of my post.. Sometimes old enemies rear their ugly head and I’m wondering lately if one of mine is doing just that.. That enemy would be the Chronic Lyme Disease and two other tick infections I’ve been suffering with since the early 1990’s.. 
(Yeah sorry for the generic photos but these are about as much as I can muster right now.) 
This is the main reason why I haven’t been posting. I haven’t felt well in a few weeks. I thought it would pass like it has before but this time it seems to be hanging on.. Once again I also have another sinus infection but I’m also noticing over the last few weeks small things are once again popping up. I am having a hard time finding the right words when I type or write something and also when talking. Im reversing letters or numbers again as well. My brain also has that unfortunately all too familiar and dreaded foggy feeling that doesn’t seem to be letting up. It’s kind of like walking around well, in a fog all day and night. 
You have all these things swirling around in your brain that you want to do or get done but somehow you just can’t seem to make all the pieces fit in order to accomplish anything. 
My fatigue level and pain seem to be a lot higher as well. More than normal. I’ve managed to keep these things under wraps for the most part, for approximately ten years the best I can but it feels like Im losing my grip on it a little bit. Not sure what my next step with this will be but I know this week I need to call a doctor and start treating this sinus infection which I did today and have an appointment on Tuesday morning. 
This weekend was a bit rough for me. I tried to attend Mass on Saturday night and Sunday morning as well. For those who know and understand me, going to Mass for me, is just about the best way I can think of to spend time. Well because I’ve been feeling so poorly, I ended up feeling super sick both times and both times I ended up leaving either right before Mass began or in the middle of it too sick to continue to sit there without surely either tossing my cookies or passing out.. Sunday after I came home I did only the most needed things at home which was, feeding my dogs and my husband. I slept for an hour and a half in the afternoon and then I fell asleep again from around 630 pm until 8pm… By 930 PM I was still feeling so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open which ofcourse then insomnia reared it’s ugly head around 11pm despite being so tired feeling. 
So as you see, I’m a bit off kilter these days, kind of like this house looks
 but I am hoping if I can get my sinus pain and infection under control I”ll feel alot better.. 
I have a bunch of posts lined up for this week so be sure to check back daily.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Monday! 

5 thoughts on “Old Enemies..

  1. Hi Robyn-Wow- you've got such a heavy burden to bear– I'm praying you start to feel better soon. So often we all take our good health for granted- I'm sure that is not the case with you. I hope you find better health in the days to come–So nice to have your visit and sweet comment this morning– xoxoVicki


  2. Kim I pray you are right.. I still have many symptoms I deal with daily from the Lyme Disease ect which you know about mostly but the last three weeks have just been horrible and getting worse.. I am praying you are right and that these symptoms now are from the sinus infection and once on an antibiotic they clear up.. Having been sick for so many years I sometimes get paranoid , and rightfully so as a flare up of my condition could have me back in bed permanently for a while and I do NOT want to revisit those days again.. I know Fr. Tim has had one heck of a time .. I so sympathize with him.. Thanks for stoppin by Kim and Im sorry I missed Adoration today..To sick to get there. Hope Sharon understand.. XO


  3. I wonder how much is from your sinus infection? That can really really mess with your thinking and creat real tiredness{I know FR. Tim has had months of terrible sinus problems and it has really affected him—–when it happens to me I can not think clearly about any thing! I have had some meds in the past that will do that to me as well. Hopefully if you can get your sinus problem healed the symptoms will improve!


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