Thrift Finds and More..

I had a productive morning today despite being sick and my body telling me to stay home.. I said nope, I’m goin out, I have to get out of here. I was at Costco at 945 am. Great time to. The store is almost empty!.. I got all I needed there, a nice man helped me load my car too.

On my way home, I decided I needed to stop at the jeweler because my engagement ring, I should say the very first ring my husband bought me was in really bad shape.. It’s not worth much, doesn’t have real stones. The only value in money it holds is the gold it’s made of but to me, it’s priceless. I finally got around to bringing it in to see if it could be put back together. Somehow, the shape of the ring turned oval, the stones in it, some had fallen out and the prongs were lose. Mr. Lou has since bought me another ring but this ring for all it’s problems and small price tag is…priceless to me. I left the jeweler floating on air because it can be fixed and cheaply too!. So I should have my precious ring back just in time for Valentines day.

Across from the jeweler, a brand new Salvation Army Thrift Shop has just opened up.. I thought to myself well, no better time than the present to go in and have a look see. I was determined I wasn’t going to buy anything. I looked at many items but I also noticed their prices are a bit high for used merchandise so most of it I put back except these two beauties. I just couldn’t pass them up.

First up is this pretty little pitcher I found on a shelf. I love the colors and they match beautifully with my kitchen / dining room colors.

I love the greens and the white magnolia as well as the texture. And I adore that little branch across the top.

Here is the front where you would pour from.

I just love the detail of the flowers how some are closed and some only partially open.

This is the reverse side.

I am thinking I will be putting this on my dining room table and filling it with flowers.

My second find was this. Two of my favorite things together. Sunflowers and teapots!

I love the colors in this piece also. For some reason the white here looks almost mint green but it’s really white.

I think this little bee ontop is so adorable!.

I’m not sure where I”ll put this little treasure but I’m sure I”ll find a spot.. Isn’t he cute?

For both pieces I spent $9.00. A bit more than I wanted to but I really like these two pieces and I thought what I would have paid for each if they had been brand new and so I think I made out alright.  Have you found any new thrifting finds this week?

On a sadder note, Mr Lou and I think our Lady girl is just about ready to be leaving us. We aren’t quite sure but it is looking that way.

She’s been diabetic since 2009, she’s also blind from the diabetes and lately she seems a bit more confused, she’s had two seizures since November and in the last two days she doesn’t want to eat her food on her own which is a huge deal for her. She always ate.. Eating was one of her favorite things. Her breathing is a little worse as well. She has scar tissue in her lungs from the diabetes which we think has gotten worse. We will be taking her into the vet tomorrow morning. I pray she comes home with us but I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t although we will be completely heart broken. Please say a pray for all of us. For Lady, and for Mr Lou and I that we can be strong whatever comes.

18 thoughts on “Thrift Finds and More..

  1. Robyn, an aging pet is such a painful process because we love them so, and yet we know we'll soon have to say goodbye. We have an old dog too, and every day we wonder if he'll be with us in the morning–and he keeps surprising us! Thank you for visiting my blog; I hope we continue to connect.


  2. Hi Tammy, Well the vet things she's not anywhere near ready yet so we will just keep caring for all her needs and love on her. It is so devastating when losing a beloved pet. Especially to people who can't have children like myself your pets in effect become like your children. The pain is horrible. Im glad you like my finds 🙂 You also always come by my blog to read and comment and I thank you so much it does mean a lot to me 🙂


  3. Hi Jen, The vet told us yesterday she's not quite ready to take that leap yet so we are very relieved. I somehow don't think she will be with us all year but until then we will care for her and love on her as much as possible and somehow try and prepare for when it is time. Thanks so much for coming by Jen. You always do and you have no idea how much that means to me 🙂


  4. Hi Patty!!I so understand about the devastation. We lost one of Lady's pups who was 10 yrs old at the time in Dec of 2010 very suddenly. His liver just failed in what seemed like over night. He had blood work 2 weeks before and it was perfect and then 2 weeks later he was gone. My husband I were so devastated. We cried for the longest time and sometimes still do. Thank you so much for following me! And I can't thank you enough also for coming to read my posts and commenting..


  5. Hi Debbie, I too am SO glad about my ring. As I said, it doesn't have much monetary value but sentimentally to me it's priceless so I am elated I can have it repaired!… Thank you ever so much for the prayers. We can ALWAYS use those!.. And thank you so so much for coming by to read my posts and comment it truly does mean so much.


  6. Hi Barb, Yes I love it also. I like both pieces but I think thats my favorite out of the two I bought. My girl has been through a lot in the last 3 years but she's hanging in there.. We just keep her going as much as we can until her body says it's had enough..She actually gets around pretty well for being blind except when we leave the house which is rare for her unless to see the vet or the groomer. Then she has to be carried because she's unfamiliar with those places she will walk into walls and doors etc. Thank you ever so much for coming to read my posts and commenting. It does mean so muchRobyn


  7. Hi Lesa, This store I went in used to be in a different location that wasn't very pleasing to the eyes and the inside of the store was well, gross. It was so dirty. I went in once and never again. Now they've moved into the center of town to the nice area and the rent must be high.. LOL because the prices reflect that. I don't think I'll be going in there much again.. Lady is hanging in there.. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts and commenting.. It means so muchRobyn


  8. Thank you, I love them too! It was good to get out for a while.. Sometimes when the body isn't willing but the Spirit is we need to let the spirit win.. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂 Robyn


  9. The new store on Main Street is really much nicer than the old one but thats also reflected in the prices. The rent their must be high. I don't see myself going back in there much. I do want to stop however in that Consignment Shop on Main Street. Have you seen or been in that one yet? Yeah, I have no idea what happened to my ring. It looks like it got run over by a truck somehow..LOL Actually Blind dogs usually do very well.. Lady has been blind since about 2011..and she does quite well. I even moved furniture in my den and living room last year and was afraid she'd walk into things but she didn't hit one wall! ..LOL.. her instincts amaze me!.. The walk sounds nice!


  10. I do hope that all will be well with Little Lady for a while longer. This is the second blog I've read where someone is losing a pet who has been around for a very long time. So very sad. The pitcher and teapot you picked up are very pretty. Best wishes, Tammy


  11. I am so sorry your little dog is not doing well. I have a little pooch too and know how devastating it will be when he leaves us. I think you did amazing with your $9.00 finds. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog…I am your newest follower. Patty


  12. Sounds like you had such a good day. LOVE both of your finds ~ can see why you had to have them. Glad you can get your ring fixed. Praying for Lady and for you both! Blessings, Debbie


  13. I'm glad you felt well enough to go out and visit some shops. I'm a thrift store fan too. I've noticed the glassware in our local shop is priced too high and I heard several women complaining about it.I'm so sorry about your little fur girl. I know you've taken good care of Lady and she's had a loving home. Both blessing and blessed.


  14. Well, sounds like you had a fun time while you were out. I have been to the Salvation Store on the corner (if you are talking about its new location in our town) and I agree…I think since moving their prices have gone up a bit. It's funny how rings can get mishaped—I have always thought it is a bit odd since our fingers don't look that way, lol.Sorry about your little doggy–it is always soooo hard to loose a pet. It must be hard for him, being blind!Ps. It was a beautiful day today–took a walk with my son in the late afternoon and I soooooo enjoyed it.


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