Movies, the good bad and the ugly…

I’ve been wanting to write a small review for a few movies I’ve recently watched. I’m usually not one to watch rented movies, I’m more of a Turner Classic Movies gal but lately, being so tired with trying to handle all the responsibilities of home, the dogs and helping Lou with his needs while he recovers, it doesn’t leave me with much energy at night and watching movies which doesn’t take much brain power is about all I can seem to handle at the moment. So now onto my reviews.. 
Last week I watched a super good movie although you wouldn’t think so from the title. It was called
When I first read about it I thought to myself, well I’ll give it a look see and I am SO glad I did.. What really turned my eye towards wanting to see it was, Maggie Smith. I just love love love Maggie Smith.. She is a phenomenal actress and no matter what part she plays that awesome sense of humor or hers comes out in each character. The movie also stars Tom Wilkinson, also another phenomenal actor. With talent like this how could it not be good?
The movie is about British retirees who after much thought on what they should do with their golden years decide to go to this hotel in India. Each one of them is a separate story as the movie begins  Each has a reason for wanting to go there and each have seen either paper brochures or looked the hotel up on the internet. No matter how they located the hotel it was described as a small piece of heaven in India to live out the rest of their lives in these six people begin their journey to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in India they of course all meet at the airport because they are all on the same flight. This is where it starts to get interesting…
As you may guess when they finally and I say finally for a reason, reach this lovely hotel in India it’s very far from what was told to them or shown to them.
I don’t want to say too much more because if you haven’t seen it I can’t urge you enough if you like simply nice quiet movies then this is a definite must see.. Each character grows throughout the movie. In some ways expected and in some ways not. You are taken on an adventure with each different character. I am a little biased I admit it, while I think the writing for this movie and the acting talent is unsurpassed I think Maggie Smiths character was my absolute favorite. If you don’t know who she is, you may be a fan of Downton Abbey? Maggie Smith also plays in that Masterpiece Theater series as well and for all you Downton Abbey fans if you’re unaware, the family returns for season three on PBS in January. I for one can’t wait! 
In summary, if you haven’t seen this movie I say, see it and if you have seen it what did you think of it? Did you like it? Did you think it was a dud? Let me know I’m interested in knowing your opinions…
Tomorrow I will review another movie I watched this weekend. 

2 thoughts on “Movies, the good bad and the ugly…

  1. Yep, I definitely have to agree with you there, I thought the same thing!! I was sitting watching the movie and thought, geez not even a nice movie like this and I have to watch about this? LOL Glad it wasn't only me.. Thanks for stopping by Joan 🙂


  2. Watched this movie on a flight recently and wasn't at all impressed. Albeit a fabulous cast (Judy Dench and Maggie Smith). But alas, they force the “gay” agenda on us again. Live and let live but please do not shove it in our face!


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