We're Home! Lady Day 3…..

I must begin this post with all the thanks, glory and praise going to my Father in Heaven, My Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and for blessing Lady’s doctors and nurses with the skill to help her and to St. Francis for his intercession on Lady’s behalf. Also thanks to ALL of you who offered your support, encouraging words and prayers.

Today was Lady’s 3rd day of all day diabetes treatment and we, well, her doctor is very sure we finally have the correct dose of insulin for her. Her doctor is wonderful. He had to go away to a veterinary conference Tuesday night but every day he’s been having the nurses call him each time they take a blood draw on Lady to see how her numbers are and if he has to readjust her dose. He even gave me his cell phone number before he left and told me if we had any questions, worries or problems to not hesitate to call him day or night no matter what time.. Pretty great guy huh? He really cares about his patients.. Too bad human doctors couldn’t be this way..

Looks like for Lady number 14 is her lucky number.. Her sugar dropped all the way to 109! WOOHOO which is PERFECT!! So now tonight we brought her home about 7 pm and she stays home now until Tuesday when we take her back in just for one blood draw to see how she did over the weekend. Mom ( that would be me) sure has to get used to these needles because from tonight on it’s a needle 2 times a day for the rest of her life..

We finally got our bill today after 3 days of care and while we really can’t afford it, it wasn’t as bad as I was dreading it would be.. In my mind it was going to cost thousands…but, it didn’t.. Was only $700.00… Yeah, I say only like, it’s chump change.. It’s $700.00 we really don’t have but it was a must so I can’t complain. I would sell all I owned for one of my kiddies. Think thats nuts? Too bad…(sorry, just had to throw that in there for all of you who think it’s insane to love and animal more than anything in the world and go to any lengths to help them no matter what you had to do.)
We will incur more costs each month now but we’ll have to swing it some how..Lady’s Insulin is 90 dollars a month plus needles and her diabetes food.. I’ll just cut out spending on things I don’t “really have to have”..We shall survive.. I am just SO thankful my lil girl is going to be OK..

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